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Published: December 7, 2014
A lover’s touch.


Edit to add:
This has nothing to do with "Watchmen". I have never seen that movie or read the comic. Idk what you nerds are talking about. 
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а потом хрясь! и вызывайте экзарциста
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Mario-WolfeHobbyist General Artist
Pretty sure you like Dislestia though...
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Pretty sure not really. 
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PraysForAPranksterProfessional Digital Artist
It's a good idea to ignore this person. They insist that everyone must think the way they do. Also, I think they missed that Discordantly wasn't exactly a romantic comic. It was pretty tragic (I loved it though. Very visually dramatic and awesome).

And I *adore* this piece. Everything looks so soft. ^_^ Also love your Fluttergiveness one.
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Mario-WolfeHobbyist General Artist
Since when? You literally drew a whole comic dedicated to it.
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That is your perception.
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Mario-WolfeHobbyist General Artist
Okaaayyy... :/
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ShazBaz579Hobbyist Traditional Artist
CLEVERBOTMLPHobbyist Traditional Artist
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TheRealChlobuscusStudent Traditional Artist
Woah, the art is so angelic but at the same time it's got me tripping out.

And what the hell is everybody talking about? This looks nothing like that scene from Watchmen! :I
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peaceouttopizza23Hobbyist Digital Artist
Am I the only one thinking gilda with the claws :o
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BejeweledApplesHobbyist Writer
This is beautiful. This might be what Discord is thinking: 'Ever so gently I feel upon her silky hair, her soft fur, and she closes her eyes and blushes, for she seems to be at peace...'
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NightmareDerpyHobbyist Digital Artist
oh wow this is so beautiful!....*sniff*....why do I feel this in my heart?:iconrainbowexplosionplz:
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It's disturbing and serene at the same time.

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StreamSecretHobbyist General Artist
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Legendkiller97Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love it! ~~
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GanondoxHobbyist General Artist
This is so creepy yet it also has sensual touch to it, I love it. 
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ColonelYeoHobbyist General Artist
I find this strangely beautiful. That tranquil expression on Fluttershy just seals the whole thing. :love:
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Twilight-LegionProfessional Writer
Почти во всех смыслах.
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SkyvernArtHobbyist General Artist
This is amazing! It's kind of dark yet beautiful!  It looks like Discord is trying to manipulate Fluttershy.
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This is amazing! It's sweet and romantic but still, it has a sense of a scary atmosphere in it, it's really really cool!
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This is hypnotic. Serene yet absurd.
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