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Eternal Day

Nightmare Star. 

Why is the starry sky visible during the day?
Because the solar winds stripped the atmosphere off the planet. 

This was fun to work on. It went through many stages... 
Detail shots on tumblr. 
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Is that... a beast claw her mane does on the sun ?
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This is extremely excellent! I still hope to see some Nightmare Star in the show, though I doubt it'll ever happen.
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what the hell in the hell
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And that is how Ponies ( and most other lifeforms for that matter ) went extinct.
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Nyx: You exile me for another thousand years, and I come back... To this... You appointed me as a defender of the citizens of Equestria, and although I failed to save them... You can be sure I will avenge them!
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How does one stand against such power?
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You get Discord involved. THAT'S how.
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No night, no rest, forever.
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Almost more frightening than eternal night...
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Wow, I would love a print of that to go with the Nightmare Moon I got from you a while back. :)
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Love it. Guess this it not how Nightmare Star imagined her eternal day to look like. Or judging by the look on her face, it totally is. (Or she just really don't care about it, can't say for sure. :D)
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It's so awesome!
You are some kind of art wizard.
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Apprentice maybe. 
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Awesome concept and art!! :D
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Nightmare Star: 1,000,000% cooler name than the normal fandom givin name for evil Celestia. Would really be awesome as the series finale.
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I'm betting she's going to appear in the movie. 
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Dam son, you never fail to impress.
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