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Published: August 17, 2012
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The first comic was completed in a week; between episodes 1 and 2 of the first season. Six days is not a lot of time to do a comic. I drafted the entire thing at school on my lunch break, and spent my time at home working on it.
I never expected it to be more than a sketch... But art tends to have its own flow.

In any case, I wanted to finish the sketches I started a year ago... To complete my idea--for me. To learn.
And I have certainly learned a lot from this little story...

So here's page one.

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Dotterall General Artist
Ooh, wow, i actually saw the youtube clip of this way back before I watched season 2, and it gave me these massive expectations for the character and design of Discord which I didn't think he lived up to at first, though he is one of my favourite characters now. This is beautiful, and it's also my number one favourite pairing (well, really it's the only pairing I do seriously) I've got a fic going on Fimfiction about Discord and Celestia when they were young, though it's a differnet headcanon to this.
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EndlessxrainxHobbyist General Artist
I always wonder.. is that Celestia? o^o
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I can't help but read this imagining John De Lancie's voice
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Very nice! I'd vote for this to be canon!
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You're redoing Discordantly? I was a fan of the original, but this is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see the finished redux!
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Tyraka628Hobbyist General Artist
Where can I find the original?
MadNimrod's avatar
Here's the link to part one of the original.
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lonelynightrainHobbyist Writer
InvaderPhantomstar1's avatar
you''re re...You're re-doing dis...Discordant....-falls on the floor and orgasms-
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Don't you mean between episodes 1 and 2 of the second season?
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This is so beautiful! Possibly my favorite brony art.
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The draft only took a LUNCH BREAK!
You are some kind of drawing god! It takes me half an hour to draw one bucking pony!
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I believe I bought the original sketch of this from you at Everfree, it's now the centerpiece of my pony collection.
I really like how you've finished it!
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Epic music to go with the comic [link]
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Honestly, this is my head canon for Discord.
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Personally, I think this shipping makes no sense, and is no way interesting.

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star-electricHobbyist General Artist
Oh could have been nicer ya know...
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marzgamingmasterHobbyist Writer
SO glad to see you coming back to this one! I just hoe you leave in that thing where some of the words were faintly in the background, to express his true feelings. I loved this story the first time, I hope it's even better now. :)
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theclockworkgiantHobbyist General Artist
is this gonna be sooper sad?
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nonoonNONON FUCK NO , i knew there was something missing from here , tell me did you leave those lines out on purpose? that was my favorite fucking part of this comic T^T........
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HUHUHU you're remastering the best fim comic ever made? SQUEEEE.... mean between episodes 1 and 2 of the second season , right? is there something you're hiding from us?.....
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