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Started this in the morning after drooling over Thomas Moran.
Been feeling a bit antsy to paint something. This will be one of those paintings I work on every now and then, so I don't know when it will be finished.

More or less a newer version of this: [link]
Which was done about a year ago.

Values, layout, and preliminary work.
~3.5 hours.
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I love watching My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic. It's a very nice show and the distant view and the black and white coloring of Canterlot here look very good. I really love how you got the distant of Princess Celestia's kingdom. I have to agree with gturkey with the landscape it really does not have any distracting features or points. The landscape and Canterlot look really good together. But some of Canterlot does look a little blurry try to work on bring out the kingdom a little bit more so it actuallt looks great with the landscape. All in all your doing a good job.
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The entire piece has a good range of values; the trees especially contrast well with the terrain in the foreground. The progression from light to dark from background to foreground creates an interesting effect (sunset?) and a sort of path from the outside toward the center (but a little closer to the right).
The mountains on the left and the ground in the bottom area of the image could probably use some more detail, but the rest is fine in that aspect. I especially like the texture on the mountain Canterlot rests on, and some of the hills.
The landscape does not have any distracting features or points that the eyes are specifically drawn to, which is good seeing as it's a landscape drawing (correct me if I'm wrong).
It's nice to see another landscape as the MLP fandom seems a bit lacking in them.
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I love the distant view, that goes on past the mountains. The valley and the strong mountains remind me of Ansel Adams style photography. The perspective is well done, my eye follows the ridge all the way down the valley and manages to make a nice gentle journey around the scene. The scene manages to look natural as well. You've also managed to make the castle fit in with it's surroundings and look less animated and comical. You've adapted the city to its mountain home very well. I would like to see more attention given to the mountains on the left, they are lacking certain finished quality in comparison to other aspects.
Over all I love the landscape, the stillness and the natural quality of the scene.
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Over all I would say that it is coming along very nicely. I do like the values that you intend to use for the environment. It really gives it that subtle look while allowing the trees to pop out. The only issue I have is that the castle looks a little muddled, though that could be just because of the greyscale that it currently is in. Just be sure to define the buildings more when you add in color and it should look great. I look forward to seeing how this turns out in the end so keep working on it!
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Simply breathtaking.  :+fav:
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Can I use this in a background of something?
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This is simply divine.
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I love this. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this as a large print and hang it on my living room wall.
Everything about this is incredible, but I especially like the way you did the sky. Excellent work.
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Oh my goodness, this is an AWESOME picture of the fields outside Canterlot. With your permission, I'd like to use this as a concept art for my MLP game in conception. You will get full creditation for your contribution in the credits, I assure you. May I use this piece to base landscapes / level design off?
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So beautiful. This reminds me of going to Vancouver on a road trip. I go through three hours of driving through towns, looking at the massive landscape of trees and mountains before I reached there. Not to mention how I can sometimes feel broke stepping in there hehe. Other words, I love how you capture the sunrise (or sun set) over Canterlot.
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This really reminds me of Yosemite Valley (which no surprise considering you were drooling over Thomas Moran). But I think if Carelton Watkins existed in Equestria, his photographs would look a lot like this.
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magic castle is magic. awesome!
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Never cease to amaze me, Cosmic.
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Sorry the comment is so generic, but: wow. this is awesome!
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I like where this is going!
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this will halp in the future ... and its pretty ... :icondashsoawesomeplz:
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Waaaaaa it looks gorgeous even now! *o*
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This is amazing!!
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Awesome awesome yes.
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Sweet sisters that is a amazing painting. I must say, you do some of the best art out there. Seriously amazing.
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The "older" version of this was my desktop background for nearly 3 months.

Needless to say, if this ever gets finished it will retake its rightful place. Super exciting!
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wow! Looks amazing!
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