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There is no delicate beauty in his landscape,
Pockmarked and jagged from years of abuse,
Fists veritable wrecking balls of flesh and bone,
Wiry muscles flexing beneath scarred skin,
Shoulders rolling like thunder as he works.
It draws me like a doomed moth to flame.
Savagery and animal behavior keep me close,
Sweat beads on our skin like dewdrops at dawn,
Proof of our inexhaustible excitement for the other.
I know the feeling of that frame bucking back,
Roughness unavoidable, part of the appeal,
Somehow yielding blind tenderness to me, and
In the deep darkness it slithers out unconsciously,
Pulling my offered warmth and softness closer,
Conforming his steel body to mine, melting together.
Yet the heart shattering majesty of a flaming sunrise
Is always blown away by the baking white heat of day,
Reminding me, one is the other, and cannot be tamed.
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Orange Cap by cosmicspider Orange Cap :iconcosmicspider:cosmicspider 3 0 Forest Fluorescence by cosmicspider Forest Fluorescence :iconcosmicspider:cosmicspider 3 0 Frilled Sunshine by cosmicspider Frilled Sunshine :iconcosmicspider:cosmicspider 5 0
The sun was shining and I had my windows down as I was driving down the dirt side road, approaching someone walking on foot. The person – a woman, I saw, as I got closer – turned around at the sound of my approach and stuck out her thumb. Her brown skin gave her away as a native and I figured she must be heading toward the nearby reservation. I slowed down beside her and unlocked the passenger door.
“Goin’ ta Garden Village…” she mumbled, climbing into my van’s passenger seat.
“I’m not going all the way, but I can drop you off at Gokmis’ Wigwam, if that works for you.” I told her. I wasn’t even actually going that far but it didn’t seem a big deal to drive an extra kilometer and then turn around to go home.
“Yeh, s’fine.” The woman mumbled, barely understandable.
Her slurring was either due to drinking – even if it was only 2PM in the afternoon – or some sort of mental defect but
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by TD-Vice

You have a few little mistakes, "disturbing the grass and it's inhabitants." should be its, no apostrophe. And "workout" is not a verb,...

by TD-Vice

I must argue with you when you say this piece is not entertaining. Perhaps not in the way you meant it, but it certainly entertains the...



I live with my partner and his elderly parents (his mom is 68 and his dad is 64). For the most part I've learned to live with all the annoyances that come with this arrangement.

One thing just drives me absolutely nuts and insults the hell out of me though. The house in which we live has 2 washrooms; a full bathroom upstairs near my inlaws bedroom, and a half bath (just a sink and toilet) on the ground floor near our bedroom.

Well without fail, my partner's father will take a giant stinking shit in the downstairs bathroom every fucking morning right before I go to brush my teeth :stare: He has absolutely zero awareness or concern regarding the fact that it's goddamn disgusting for me to have to brush my teeth in a bathroom that reeks of old man shit. 

My toothbrush and toothpaste is in that bathroom, along with my other personal products. I cannot just go upstairs to do the same thing. There is a perfectly functional toilet upstairs god damnit! There's no reason he can't haul his ass up the short flight of stairs to the other damned bathroom! (I refuse to move my things upstairs as I'm afraid to go up there, because he sleeps naked and I have 'accidentally' - ie I'm pretty sure he does it on purpose - seen him completely nude one too many times to risk that)

And my morning routine is exactly the same, every day, in the same order, taking the same amount of time, so I am always going to be brushing my teeth at about 7:10am every day. It's not like it's a surprise.

But nope, gotta go take a giant smelly dump right before she brushes her teeth durh hur!! His wife even yelled at him about it yesterday and pointed out that he does it every single morning. I hate that man, I really do.

:icontealdeerplz: My father in law takes a giant stinky shit in the washroom where I brush my teeth in the morning and is too pigheaded to use his own washroom instead :stare:
I'm just extra irritable right now but this is something that's been on my nerves since almost day one of working here. I work in an office that opens onto a very long hall with melamine floors and painted cement brick walls, so that you can hear what the guy way at the other end is talking to his desk mate about since there's nothing to dampen the sound. 

I've mostly learned to ignore the variety of noises here, like the constant banging from the machine presses in the background, or the weird tattoo-machine noises from their fancy laser cutters or just the sounds of people talking and walking and doing people things.

But there's this one woman. I swear you'd think she was about to keel over dead. She has the worst hacking cough I have ever heard, and I've heard some wicked coughs. It sounds like her lungs are filled with cottage cheese and her throat lined with coarse grit sandpaper. I was convinced she must be horribly ill with a cold, until after a few weeks I realized she just has this permanent cough of death because it never went away.

Then I heard her speak. :fear: Put the crack pipe down Sally, put it down! She basically sounds like a mash up between Selma Bouvier from the Simpsons, and Petunia from Futurama. It sounds like it should be painful for her to speak, her voice is so ragged and horrifying. Worse, she can't seem to go a full sentence without coughing so if she's talking to anybody you can bet she's going to cough at them several times in the process. And of course it just resonates up and down the hallway, echoing its chunky, rasping horror.

My parents are both lifelong chain smokers and they do not have a cough like that. My grandfather had throat AND lung cancer from a lifetime of smoking and he didn't even sound like that!!

Everybody with half a brain knows what you're up to in your spare time Hacky McHackerson :evileye: So for the sake of all that's holy have the decency to cover your crack mouth (I've seen her teeth, there's really no other explanation once you line up the evidence) when you're hacking up a lung, none of us need to deal with that shit lady.

:icontealdeerplz: Crack smoking co-worker with insanely loud hacking cough WON'T STOP COUGHING ARGH!
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I just put most of my gallery into storage. It's not that I so intensely dislike most of it, just that it doesn't really resonate with me anymore. I've come a long way from what I used to post in 2010, you know? By no means am I suddenly going to post masterpieces to take your breath away but... I needed to do some spring cleaning, and it's mostly done now. I can start posting again. I put up a new ID for instance, taken last month in June. I'm still a hippie dork!


Look into these eyes now
Tell me what you see
Don't you realize now
What you see is me

Tell me what you see


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