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February 28, 2017
Enjoy an interactive stellar extravaganza in The Vault by cosmicspark!
Featured by cosmicbound
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The Vault

Something epic goes here
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This is a 3D flash preview of a skybox I did.  It might take a bit to load since its a large file.
Use your mouse to look around!  Press shift to zoom in, ctrl to zoom out.  Your arrow keys also move the camera.

I did 10 skyboxes for Starpoint Gemini 3, I cant wait to share them once I get the go from the developers.

Other great works:
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Hi Tim,

I love your amazing work!

I am thinking to use The Vault skybox for my personal 3D project, essentially it's a 3D gallery for showcasing my artwork. I thought it is important to ask for your permission.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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Aw man this is unbelievable.

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This is amazing!
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To boldly go where no man has gone before!💖
plutoplus1's avatar
i LOVE outer space, this is so cool!
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I love the concept; the style, the construction, the level of detail... An amazing image and well deserving of a DD!

Hope you don't mind, but I prompted a piece of flash fiction on your image; Strangers in the Night

The image is shown as a preview for the writing (credited and linked to of course), setting the scene for the narrative. If you like it then great! If not and you'd like me to remove the link just let me know.
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I was NOT prepared for this to be a 360 picture. Good shit.
CupOTea16's avatar
Whoa! This is truly epic! Congrats on the DD! 
phantomshotgun2002's avatar
Fucking amazing! I've never seen a 360 picture before and a breathtaking space scene made so well
jminsart's avatar
Wow This is sooooo amazing!!
holiship's avatar
So beautiful 💖💖
galaxywriter's avatar
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:deviantart: Congrats on the DD! :heart: :clap: :deviantart:
This is likely one of the best images I have ever seen on DA. Thank you.
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WOW thats so awesome!
Cyklopi's avatar
space the final frontier! Enterprise sprite 
francisnatra's avatar
wowwwwww fantastic jajaja
LisaPannek's avatar
Wonderful, I have never seen something like that.
DEDU-creations's avatar
Congrats on the DD , it's so majestic 
DaFuqRU's avatar
whoaaaa it's trippy. I feel like an astronaut being lost in a vast sea of stars.
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Congrats on your well deserved DD. It's amazing!! :clap:
ShortyTheDireWolf's avatar
WOAH! That is awsome!! 
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