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Taj Jabbar

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Taj Jabbar (The Giant Crown), commonly known as The Giant, is a gas giant larger than Jupiter, with 40 moons.  Life has been discovered on seven moons, and on the largest, Barkha (lower left) a sentient semi-aquatic mammalian race is entering their bronze age and inventing their first religions.  As of right now their rudimentary science places Taj Jabbar at the center of the universe and serves as an arena for the valiant gods of the storm that they believe battle there.

The Giant has a super-powerful magnetic field which results in exotic aurora on its poles.  The Barkhians can see the glowing azurian dancing lights with unaided vision and zeno-anthropologists have discovered at least 12,000 different legends and myths about the Aurora Superioris.  The magnetic field also protects its moons from most of the solar radiation from the star.  The intense gravitational tidal forces result in volcanic activity on Barkha, which is mostly covered in water (like Earth).  Life on Barkha probably began in the warm geothermal shallows on its surface.

Similar to Jupiter, Taj Jabbar is thought to have undergone extreme orbital fluctuations in the past, moving in closer to the star it orbits, then being pulled out by its sister gas giant, the lovely blue Almhia, which is half the diameter.

Taj Jabbar is believed to have a solid ice core.  Probes launched into its atmosphere have found traces of organic molecules, suggesting that life may also live in the Giant, floating in its vast clouds of hydrogen and helium gas.


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Btw may i ask what program you used ant how you got inspiration? i'm very intrigued by this world ant its moons
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Im just speacless, the drawing ant the story are just so realistic. Ant dit i see correctly that on the night side you can see some storms getting light up by lightning? I would love to see a map of this star system wit its moon. Please continue this holy work
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Spectacular-looking piece, and cool backstory!
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Good Heavens what even
What I wouldn't give to study the PSD of this thing. I would loooove to be able to draw planets like this, let alone the rest of the details.
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Absolutely breathtaking. At first it looked like a really nice painting of Saturn, but by goodness, it's so so much more. Really love how vibrant the storms and, specially the aurora on the pole looks.
The backstory on the description is also a really nice touch.
Superb work all around!
cosmicspark's avatar
Thanks, I spent a long time detailing the surface and the aurora.  Check your notes :)
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It's like a mix of Saturns quiet tranquility mixed with Jupiter's violent storms. Hell yeah. Not often that you do planetary works but still stellar (if youl pardon the puns)
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Hehe, you are right, I generally do small planets, but you'll be seeing a lot more in the coming month.  I'm doing 16 fully seamless planet textures for SG3
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that light in the north pole i loved! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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^_^ thanks for reminding me, I am going to put some aurora on my gas giants in the video game I'm working on :D
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you have a youtube channel?! Chat icons are the new reaction gifs 
cosmicspark's avatar
Yep a couple recordings are on there ;)
raloibsp1's avatar
Whats is The name of your youtube chanel?
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What an incredible pic!! Amazing!
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Your imagination is vast.
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I've always wondered about the legends and myths an intelligent species evolving on a moon of a gas giant might have. For one, the'd have an enormous advantage in astronomy because they'd know for sure their homeworld is not the center of the universe but instead orbits a larger body.
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Incredible! Great colors, lots of small details!
However, one thing bugs me: the shadow of the planet. To maintain stable orbits of it`s moons, Taj Jabbar must be very, VERY far away from it`s star; therefore the edges of shadow must be paralel, not divergent. Also, they can be curved if the plane of rings is tilted relative to the plane of planet`s orbit.
Also, what is that little crescent above the title? Is it aurora on the surface of planet or another moon? If it`s a moon, then it must right away be teared apart by tidal forces - it lies well within the Roshe limit, marked by planet`s rings.
But anynway, keep up your great work! I thoroughly enjoy your art and hope to see more. 
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Hey thanks for the comment,

I checked and the shadow does indeed diverge out a little, the lines were meant to be parallel though, and it would be too hard to fix it now.

The crescent is indeed a moon, and what makes you think its so close? :P  Maybe its just a tiny moon that got caught in the photo ;)  (that was the intention).
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I don`t know... For some reason i always thought that all moons orbits lie in the same plane (that is also the plane of rings). But if the moon is captured, not formed simultaneously with the planet, than it`s not the case.
It`s actually hard to tell where that little moon is - close to observer or near the rings. Maybe, it would be easier to distinct if the moon was drawn on rings?
Anyway, Taj Jabbar is one of thhe best planetscapes i`ve ever seen! I`m looking forward to more like this!
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You are right, I looked into it and all the large moons of Saturn and Jupiter orbit in in the same plane as their rings.   For my next image I will be more realistic (maybe :P ).  Thank you sir!
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