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Rose Nebula

By cosmicspark
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When we look into the cosmos we realize how insignificant our existence really is.  It takes a lot of ego to look out at this enormous universe and believe that you are in any way important to it.  Furthermore, those who believe the universe was created for their own single species of primate to live in may have such inflated egos that even the universe is dwarfed by its size.
- Me

Hello awesome fans!

Hope you enjoy this, my latest painting.
Took about eight hours to paint.  Lots of subtle details :)  Can you find the planets?

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this is incredible ! what program do you use to draw this ?
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Insignificant? Hardly. What use is an amazing universe with nothing to observe it and be amazed?
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It leaves a lot to the imagination.  This would be a spectacular view in the wintertime.
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can i use this for a channel banner or icon, ill credit you in the about section on youtube
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actually I've decided to use it for an outro as well, just so you know. (I'll credit you in desc of every vid)
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how to relax in 3 easy steps

step 1: listen to this song:…

step 2: what this art

step 3: relax
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I spot four planets and a spaceship! Dazzling atmosphere with lots of fluffiness. The array of shapes is galaxial. Just a note, this also displays differently in Chrome.
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This is amazing! All of your art is fantastic.
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All your artwork are just definable as epic! I love space, and if I see an event such as this, I'll take a selfie and send it to this very website.
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Your work is gorgeous !!.
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This too possibly.
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Beautiful, amazing and awesome.
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It's a marvelous painting!!!
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Wow, the details! And the colors! They are so lovely! Oh, I can never get enough of space! :D So interesting to see 'pictures' in nebulaes like this. I don't come across them that often, but they look amazing!
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My eyes are drawn to the center of the nebula. I love it!

Have also installed as background on my desktop.
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Great nebula! I can really appreciate the time it takes to make a nebula look not just good, but believable.
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duuuuude its so beautiful :0
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