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Depicted is the fictional Red Hypergiant named Pyre as it moves into a nebula, incinerating gas with its intense radiation.  Its size is such that if it were placed at the center of our solar system it would encompass the entire orbit of Jupiter.  Such mind blowing sizes are typical of Red Hypergiants, who are nearing the end of their life.  They stand on a knifes edge, burning fuel at unfathomable rates, approaching their ultimate end: a hypernova explosion and collapse into a black hole.

Painted in 3 hours with Adobe Photoshop and my trusty old Wacom Tablet

Created for the Digitalists monthly challenge.  Subject: Fire

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This is so beautiful!

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It's so pretty! I love the firey-looking waves going around the star. It gives the picture such a chaotic and scary feeling
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Is that a... cosmic wave or something ?? Interesting thought on the ways of the universe :)
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Gosh... I loveeees it.. fav
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100% beautiful love it
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it's beautiful! 
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It's amazing how the cosmos can evoke such beauty
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I love the richness of that red - definitely eye catching! :clap:
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can is use it for stock? because you sell it for 50 points?
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No that is not the intent, sorry.
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beautiful piece bro your use of the color is well done.
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You do know astronomy, don't you?

The hypernova is a rare beast, yet few can ignore it...
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A very unique vision. Stunning stuff!
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Wow. I don't normally look much at space art for whatever reason (I'm a sci-fi lover, but I don't really make much sense), but I find this picture very moving.
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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my work.  I see what you did there: very "moving" :P
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Um... I don't. XD What did I do?
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Very "moving".  (its a star moving into a nebula :D)
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