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It is said that nature is constantly in recovery mode from the last disaster. 

This forest is on fire!


I started out wanting to do something realistic and I think I sorta accomplished that.  The original coloring was some really bright green but then it caught on fire, and it mostly died.  So now its the start of a huge cosmic forest fire.

This piece took about 8 hours total, and the print quality file is so huge it might take 8 hours to upload it.

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Looks like "Knowhere" from Guardians of The Galaxy
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Amazing! I like space stuff.
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Wow, I'm overwhelmed about this beauty!
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At first glance, im pretty sure this one has it too.
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The colors! :iconiultracameplz:
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so you are the one with all these awesome...beyond awesome tapestries i see all over the place....excellent
also, i like all the information you write about each of your art pieces
pullmonaria pullmonaria pullmonaria 
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Thanks! There are lots of other great artists as well, I'm not the only one ^_^
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yo're welcome  :)

...yes....i do know that you are not the only "great artist"
, and i tell them every day of the week, as often as i can, in addition to alllllll the great artists i've seen on DA, i see about 200 on a weekly basis, year after year, ...and then, of course, there's my 2-yr old niece who is an absolute gem... she could be her own nebula  :)

Da Vinci Fella (Artists) 
Wonderful, but also philosofic signification of your works .
I am a musician. I play and I compose symphony music 
I should be honored if I can send you one my composition ,
"The Galactic Liturgy " , for orchestra , choir and percutions - Timpani, Tam-tam , and electronic instruments 
If you accept to give me your e mail I send you this music 
my e mail is :
My name is Radu Jelescu 
Thank you 
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Thanks, I would love that :D

Send it over to
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Love the unique colours in this! Stunning :D
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Rather unusual color combination, very nice :)
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Awesome painting. Definitely one of my favourites of yours! Purchased the digital content and love it! :)
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Wow this looks so incredible! 
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it's awesome ! It could be a real photo. I love your work !
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So gorgeous <3 And so inspiring, your art is truly phenomenal! (And thank you for the downloads too!) :D
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Those blue stars don't seem to be enough to put the fire out!
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Wow stunning work, amazing colours!!!
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Words can't begin to describe it! So much detail!
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