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November 9, 2014
Chromataclysm by cosmicspark a scene that absorbs and hypnotizes you by it's cosmic, magical colors!
Featured by cinyu
Suggested by Minato-Kushina
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"If the universe doesn't care about us and if we're an accident in
a remote corner of the universe, in some sense it makes us more
precious.  The meaning in our lives is provided by us; we provide our
own meaning."
- Dr. Lawrence Krauss, Cosmologist, Arizona State University

The purpose of my artwork is to inspire people about science and
astronomy, and to incite people to learn about our universe and its
grand beauty.  I have prints available if you would like to include this
piece in your home, to amaze your guests with the the wonders of the cosmos.

Chromataclysm on the wall by cosmicspark Chromataclysm Detail 1 by cosmicspark Chromataclysm Detail 2 by cosmicspark Chromataclysm Detail 1 by cosmicspark

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Your art has been featured here :D (journal made in Eclipse)

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Nice, nice, really nice artwork. 
With your skills....what do you think to produce the moment when one Nibiru´s moons would struck Tiamat?
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Fantastic! Those colors and details ale breathtaking!

stellartcorsica's avatar
This is magnificient :love:
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Absolutely incredible!
Soo... beautiful...
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Oh man, just imagine living with such a sight
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Mira... and Zios...
Creation of God...
Creation of Goddess...
Earth Created by God and Goddess...

-Earth Created by Mira and Zios
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Look at those colors!
raloibsp1's avatar
good job! and what happen in that planet is on fire! Chat icons are the new reaction gifs 
cosmicspark's avatar
Hahaha oh no your right! call the fire department those people are in serious trouble.
raloibsp1's avatar
ech! i call the fire department! Jontron Werstle Intensifies 
DanilaPrepeleac's avatar
STUNNNNNING !!!  is it real ?!
cosmicspark's avatar
Totally real, I have a really good lens on my camera ;)
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What a Masterpiece!
Wow that quote really resonates with me
Sometimes I feel like everything is meaningless, that Im here by some irrelevant cosmic accident, and i am plagued by doubt. But despite this, life still has value, because i am capable of imbuing it with my own meaning!! my self provided value~ That has to be worth something, right?

Your art is really uplifting
cosmicspark's avatar
Exactly, at first glance life looks pointless.  Of course it is, but we then have the liberated opportunity to choose our own path, and choose our own purpose in life, rather than have it forced upon us by some outside force.  In a way though, nature has tried to give us a purpose: reproduce.  I, however have politely decided to ignore that pointless goal and dedicate my life to making artwork.
unbelievable , I haven't any words , it is a great art  
It's pure beauty <3
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