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Attack on Hephaestus

The fictional red super giant Pyre makes a return.  Here is the Pyre system after it has settled down, formed an accretion disk, and made a ton of asteroids.

"Mayday, Mayday, This is the civilian mining colony starship Hephaestus.  Our mission is NOT an act of aggression, please cease fire.  Repeat: we are a non-combat civilian starship.  Please acknowledge."
-Distress signal, Cadet Amos Sanders

Wonder what the giant laser is shooting at?  Check this out:
Attack on Hephaestus - Short Story - Part 1

Here is Pyre 1 million years ago as it enters the nebula that would eventually form its accretion disk.  Shown above.
Pyre by cosmicspark

Hephaestus (pronounced EEfess-toze) is the Greek god of metallurgy and fire!  It is also the name given to the mining ship that is being blasted by that giant purple laser beam.


I have put up a high resolution digital download up and also a wallpaper pack to complement it for 50 points!  Get'chu one!

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Really, I only hope that one day something such as this will attack earth.

cosmicspark's avatar
We deserve it >.<
DeathProne's avatar
I don't know man.. We're fairly ignorant, spiritually only just starting and eventually may get there but it comes from a darker place when I think nihilistically. Apologies also for not commenting on the skill and creativity encapsulated in this work, I'm fond of it on the destruction basis and also on the frame of your abilities!
BLPH's avatar
I really dig your choice of colors in this one. It all blends together so nicely :)
MDCCLXXVI's avatar
I misread this as "Attack on Hepatitis" but I was not disappointed. Beautiful piece of art nonetheless cosmicspark.
Vumpalouska's avatar
Very beautiful. Love the lights and artificial structures on the big asteroid: why build huge and expensive space habitats when you can build your colony inside a giant space rock instead? I bet the laser gun is some kind of weapons platform meant to protect the asteroid colony against both other asteroids on a collision course and against aggression.
ErikShoemaker's avatar
great job on that big asteroid, and the colors are awesome. You should do this kin dof stuff more often!
cosmicspark's avatar
Thanks :D  I wanted to do something else besides just painting nebula and planets which is my usual niche.  So yeah, did some 3d modeling!
ErikShoemaker's avatar
Yeah! That's the spirit. :D I think if you really want to step up your game you have to branch out a little more, and I think it is also a nice diversion to do other stuff once in a while.
SpartasBrony's avatar
Um, I'm going to favorite this and use It as m desktop... SUCH GORGEOUS DETAIL and use of technology lol
Xentheer's avatar
Awesome job! Also, majora's mask moon anyone?
cosmicspark's avatar
Heh, I never played the game so it couldn't have influenced me ;)
Xentheer's avatar
The large planet in the back sorta looked like it from the thumbnail.
tsahel's avatar
Dramatic one !
GabrielGajdos's avatar
ShepherdoftheWest's avatar
Love it! Absolutely love it! I love the space ship! I love the color of the lazer! And from the look of most of your artwork, you seem to be very fond of outer space. I'm gonna add you to my 'WATCH' list. Because I need more outer space inspiration. :D
cosmicspark's avatar
Thanks! Be prepared for more epic projects!
ShepherdoftheWest's avatar
I will! I tell my fans the same thing!
garryts's avatar
Very nicely done - great image! :-)
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