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February 29, 2016
Amphitheatre of True Glory by cosmicspark
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Amphitheatre of True Glory

"The earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena.  Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that in glory and in triumph they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot."
"We have not been given the lead in the cosmic drama"
- Carl Sagan

Hello everyone, it is with the greatest pleasure that I present to you the "Amphitheatre of True Glory" (AKA the Mutated Jellyfish), a painting I have labored on for months.  It is the culmination of untold hours, perhaps as much as a hundred, spent painting and detailing this work.  It was based on the famous Pillars of Creation, a cloud formation in the Eagle Nebula. 

I have put special care into the digital download for this one. 
1.  It includes a high resolution image in which you can see every star, every cloud reflecting those stars, and the vast number of particle clouds that combine to form this vast nebula. 
Detail of Amphitheatre of True Glory by cosmicspark
2.  It has 7 different wallpapers, each cut from the full scale image, this demonstrates that this painting is really many paintings wrapped into one, a master image composed of several points of interest. 
Example of Amphitheatre of True Glory by cosmicspark
3.  It includes a 23 minute narrated painting demonstration video.  I explain the techniques I used to create the cloud effects and you can watch me paint one in real time.  I know my fellow artists will appreciate this inclusion, as well as non-artists who are curious of how this sort of art is done.
Animation of Amphitheatre of True Glory by cosmicspark
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Gege16's avatar
Omg!!! 😱 It looks like a real photo by NASA!!😍 This is unreal!! Awesome!!! Mindblowing! You did such a wonderful job!! 
SpaceLaserCats's avatar

Whoa, I thought this was an actual NASA photo first, but then I started looking at the details and realised it's much more beautiful than that. I am in love.

Griffmon's avatar
pillars of creation <3
swickarts's avatar
Amazing. I love the eagle nebula and the pillars of creation. This masterpiece is truly inspirational. 😍
ergbennett's avatar
Oh boy, this is great! I hope I get to this level with my space art someday. 
PhanThom-art's avatar
Was this a painting from scratch, or did you mix some photomanipulation in there? Very impressive!
cosmicspark's avatar
Its 100% painted except for a little bit of wavey texture around the borders of the image
Aeter-Link's avatar
Superb piece! Absolutely gorgeous nebulae.
KreepingSpawn's avatar
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
Is it strange that I see something adorable in here? :D I thought this was a photo at first :o
This is truly an amazing painting and I would like to purchase the digital download.  However when I try to it keeps saying something broke.  Any suggestions?
cosmicspark's avatar
It looks like I received the 300 points, did you get it to work?
Yes I did.  Thank you for following up.  
Never mind, I got it finally.   I am not sure what the issue was.  Keep up the awesome work!
AYMCreations's avatar
It's a great & inspiring work!
cosmicspark's avatar
I'm happy to inspire! Thanks
Thystyn's avatar
I'm really gobsmacked with your art, and especially this one, which is magnificent.  That you did the nebula mostly in a single layer is awesome.
Bernd-Haier's avatar
Amazing !

regards Bernd
cosmicbound's avatar
I purchased the digital download and can recommend the same to others. There are details that simply cannot be appreciated except for in the higher resolution. These make for much of the greatness in this piece, despite whatever compositional qualms one might have.

Note: Maybe this is unusual but my desktop resolution is 1680x1050. I can cut it myself though it might be a good addition.

I'm also curious to know (maybe I missed the comment), what is the full resolution of this piece?
cosmicspark's avatar
Thanks I'm glad you like it, I spend so much time detailing this stuff.  Sometimes I need someone to pry me away from it and tell me "stop! no one will ever see this detail!".

7450x7700 detailed to the very pixel :) (random aspect ratio!)

I will add that to the next set of wallpapers!
cosmicbound's avatar
Well the detailing just makes the larger image a special edition -- case in point! 

Good to know! Keeping the highest resolution private adds to the special edition intent, like keeping an original traditional canvas.

Apart from the detailing which adds to the obvious features, there are places where it looks extra cool close-up. Like the top left corner -- the depth pops out only when zoomed in. That's also good in the sense that it doesn't compete with the main features zoomed out.
cosmicspark's avatar
Yeah I always keep the original size for myself alone, but post one that is high enough to see all the detail.
I have considered cropping different parts of this and detailing them as full paintings.
cosmicbound's avatar
That would be a way of both extending the life of your hard work and figuring out some superior composition!
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