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Amber of the Void

Fields of amber tinted nebula are lit up by a star cluster hovering light years above.  Inside, a newly formed large blue star strips away gas from within the nebula, carving out a cavern beneath the amber landscape.  Many stars are formed in these bright, chaotic, and dusty cradles.

This painting is closely based on NGC6357

Created for the Digitalist May Monthly Challenge: Sci-fi and Space

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How do you do these? This is amazing.
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I spot the brightness difference on this one too. You did a good job of enhancing the sense of detail and motion in this over the original subject. Not sure of some of the smudge work in the mid-upper left part of the nebula though -- some of it seems a little too sharp.
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wah fantastic 
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I actually thought it was a real astrophotography when I first saw it.

Well done on an excellent piece.
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I love space. I love it so much! Its beautiful and awesome and so, so full of imagination!
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Brilliant view...I like your spacecraft of the imagination ;)
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Very impressive space-scene.
I especially like the colors. :)
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The firmament and the heavens...
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Amazing nebulae. Do you give cosmic art lessons? I think I will need some from you!
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I have thought about it before, using remote desktop viewing I could walk someone through the art process.
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I have seen such work in Astronomy Now or Scientific American magazines, but I have to admit that you are doing great (or best) work. I have been used to amateur astronomy for years and always tried to adopt elements of it in my artworks, but you excel. I have watched your video on Rose Nebula (Photoshop time lapse) and realized some things about your technique. I should think of some methods to adopt this using acrylic paint (traditional painting), but I am not sure if one can succeed in such detail. What you are doing is great and I hope to watch future work of yours, well done.
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Wow that's a beauty!
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Just bought this digital artwork,but the ZIP file is empty, can you please help.....
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Sorry about that!

Just forgot to drag and drop them files in there.

Its fixed now.  Let me know if you have any other issues :D
Thanks for buying the digital download :)
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All good now, thank you so much for your support. Keep painting, I love your artworks very muchHeart 
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Stunning piece.  I think one of those cloud wisps looks like a hand reaching out or up.
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