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Adagio for a Romance

By cosmicspark
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Adagio: A song to be played slowly

Love is like the process of painting, it takes time to make it great.

I bet you are tired of pink hearts but too bad!  I started painting this after a great valentines day weekend.  I spent 2 hrs getting the composition and 4 hours detailing.  I looked at the Orion Nebula while painting for inspiration.  Enjoy!

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All your work is just amazing!
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wow It's delight! made really masterfully

Orion Nebula inspies me too =)…
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What a gorgeous galaxy piece, such pretty rays and hues of this magnificent purple heart <3 
ZahraaaljaroodiXX's avatar
ilove it so much    
gooooooooood job >w<
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dude plz plz plz plz plz i beg of you to draw that moon from kingdom hearts plzzzzzzzzzzz i would love u forever
cosmicspark's avatar
^_- never seen it
Firefrost27's avatar
look it up its really cool u will make an awesome pic like that if u wanna that is 
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I am speechless...
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Sooo sweeeet!!!
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but cute !!!!!!!!!!! It is wonderful !!Mio (Crying) [V2] Mio (Crying) [V2] Mio (Crying) [V2] Mio (Crying) [V2] Mio (Crying) [V2] Mio (Crying) [V2] Mio (Crying) [V2] 
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Another excellent illustration my friend. Looks like you're really getting the hang of this. Other than a few green stars, this looks very real. Keep it up mane.
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Thanks Tyler,
Yeah green stars aren't exactly realistic but they do contrast well :P
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Interesting concept and in this infinite universe I believe anything is possible, however remote. Nice work. :)
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If the universe is infinite in size, then this nebula not only exists, but it exists an infinite number of times! :O
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True, hadn't gone that far in my mind, I'm still working on my first galaxy super-cluster. :D
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Magnficent nebula as always... except the hear shape (I was tired, bored by heartshape long before Valentine alas)
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