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Plague Doctor
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Hello, visitor.
I'm a person who enjoys books,comics, animation, drawing, writing, certain horror reading, certain TV shows, mind-boggling movies and a lot of other stuff.
I'm not the best with digital art, but I'm currently getting used to a Wacom tablet. I'm usually using a piece of paper and pencil though. If you;re interested in reading some of my writing you can find me on Quotev by the name CosmicGalaxies and on wattpad by Cosmic_Galaxies.
Have a good day.


She looked at the crowd gathered around the silver, streamlined building and skirted the people. Most of them were protesters, and she didn't like getting caught up in their groups. She always considered them to be rather rude. That and she didn't side with them- why shouldn't anything with a brain be given free will? But she knew she'd never win in a fight, and they might not be so merciful. She had no longing to end up on the pavement, with a broken limb or something.
The wind blew a little harder, chilling her to the very bones. She shuddered slightly and zipped her jacket up a little more, trying to hide from the cold. Sometimes she wished she was a cyborg- just so she could heat herself up on cold days. It would be nice. Ad she skittered around the huge gathering of people, one turned around to look at her. It was man, with close cropped brown hair and baleful brown eyes. He regarded her and sneered turning back to the protesters.
She kept on walking, ignoring them. She had to meet someone at the Vintage Cafe down the street. It was said to be one of the oldest buildings in the whole city, dating back to 2001. She smiled at the thought. She loved old things, from books to buildings, socks to eletronic devices. Sure they weren't cutting edge, but they looked nice and she had a certain way with them. For instance she could make an old computer work even if was in a horrible state.
She finally got past the crowd and sighed with relief. Those Anti-Mechs were rather annoying, hating robots and all. She saw nothing wrong with robots, and fully agreed with the Mechinas- robots deserved full rights. The Mech-Porters were okay as well. But she personally believed that robots, despite not being defined as 'alive' deserved to live a life of their own, even if they were 'dead'. The androids she had met so far were all extremely nice. She just couldn't understand why the Anti-Mechs were like that. Had they watched one to many iRobot and Matrix movies? Were they bitter? Did they think of robots like zombies, an old horror icon? It was unfathomable.
"It'll happen today, Eve." the voice startled her so badly she knocked another person to the pavement. She helped them up, and looked around to see where the voice had come from. Something moved in a dark alley and Eve walked towards it, but nothing was there.
"Did someone speak to me?" she asked, her voice echoing.
"Yes, someone did. But who was it?" the voice answered back , seeming to come from everywhere.
"It was you, obviously. Who ever you are."
"Ah, but was it? Or was it merely the voice of your heart thundering in your ears?"
"A heart doesn't have a voice, not one that can be heard aloud. Why don't you show yourself?" Eve's brow folded.
"Do you fear what's int he dark, Eve? Do you fear the loneliness that awaits you?" the voice echoed again. "Do you fear what your heart has to say?" Eve jumped again- the voice was right behind her. She spun around, excepting nothing, but instead saw a figure.
She assumed they were male form their voice, but from appearance it was impossible to tell. He was wrapped in a black coat, that might have been wool or something. A hood was pulled up and shadows covered his face. The coat hide every inch of him, except for a sash. It was a deep blue and seemed to shift colours.
"Who are you?" Eve asked, taking a step back.
"Someone who has cheated death, conquered life, and glimpsed chaos. I'm just here to deliver a warning."
"What warning? How can you conquer life? How can you do any of those things?" but the man just waved away the questions.
"That doesn't matter Eve, or should I say Error. What does is my warning. Something will happen tonight and you will see the truth. I hope it wouldn't shatter you." he pulled out a dark gloved hand, and touched her face. Eve shuddered- not only form the touch which was ice cold, but from her name. Error. Nobody knew that. But the man wasn't done. "It would be interesting, but I'm afraid it wouldn't please me. I hope you survive Error. I hope you win. Now that would be worth seeing." and he turned and left. Eve stumbled a little, half-tripping. She looked down to see what her foot had caught on and found a silver key. It was old-fashioned, but Eve liked the way it looked. It was attached to a cord. She picked it up, rubbing the cord. It felt like leather. For some reason Eve felt pulled to it. She put it around her neck and left the alley.
Her head was spinning as she reached the cafe, ordered a coffee and sat down. Nobody knew her real name, nobody but her closest friend. But that didn't bother her as much as what he had said. He had cheated death, an impossible feat and conquered life, a deed that she had never heard of. She understood the line about glimpsing chaos- she had seen something like that as well. But how had he knew about her heart's desire? How had he known she feared what waited her when she was left int he dark? When no one spoke to her? How had he figured out her biggest fear? And what was the warning about? What would she win? Eve shook her head and sipped the hot drink, hoping her mind would clear.  But tit didn't. he had been so strange, yet so familiar that it had scared her to death. She imagined she must look like a ghost.
She hardly noticed it when someone sat down at her table. He was dressed in a nice, clean, sharp suit. His hair was short and oiled back. Eve smiled a little, but was still else where. It took her an extra moment to see that the man was clearly not a common person.
"I'm sorry, could I help you with something?" she asked politely. 
"In a way. Are you Eve Wires?" he asked.
"Yes, why?"
"We have a few questions for you, if you would so kindly come with us." his voice was smooth, and for the first time Eve looked at him hard. She noted how stiffly he sat and finally came to an end- he was from the government.
"What would the government want with me?" she asked, confused.
"We just want you to answer some things. We promise not to harm you." Eve processed this, thinking fast. She had two choices. One was to follow this man to wherever he wanted and answer his questions. The other was to heed the strangers advice and kindly turn him down. This could have been very well what he was warning against.
Eve choose the second option, letting her emotions rule.
"Perhaps another day, sir? I'm very bust at the moment." she smiled again.
"It would be best if we could do this today."
"What about in a week's time? I'll be free by then. I really can't take anything off my to-do list." she battered her eyelashes.
"Fine. be here at the same time." he got up, stiff as a board  and walked off. but Eve had a feeling this wasn't the last of the government she would be seeing tonight.


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Mithrandir! *swishes white hair* Have you been busy of late, my friend?
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I have been somewhat busy as of late! I have a few art projects I have to get done this month, and FINALLY the weather is nicer, so that means I'm seeing daylight(aka going outside). You?
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yes i have heard of the weather's improvement ;) (Wink) i have been rather jolly as of late, though i am about to return to my education, tomorrow as a matter of fact...
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ughn, sorry it takes me forever to reply.
you see with this weather has arrvied the perfect time for me to do an art show.
It's a thing my city does the second friday of each month 
it is called art crawl
I have been preparing for it.
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