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Hey my lovely Cosmic Fluffs!

Gosh, so much has been happening in my life that I haven't been giving Cosmic Fluff Creations the love it deserves. 

Today I went to the doctor for the first time in a really long time. I'm trying to get better and feel better as well. I'm slowly getting back to my ideas. I just really need to go out with my muses so I can share more goodies with everyone again.

I feel that now that I'm getting the help I need I will be able to produce more content efficiently. 

For all the cosmic fluffs out there still reading this, thank you for sticking around. It is a rather slow process and it might turn off many because of lack of updates but I have so much planned.

I really am so grateful for every single one of you!

Have a beautiful cosmically fluffy week!!


P.S. I will soon be changing up the reward tiers because I have even better goodies in store for you all. <3
P.P.S You are all so wonderful and your encouragement means the world to this cosmic fluff. Thank you again from the bottom o my heart. 

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Hello my cosmically wonderful fluffs!

It has been awhile since I've posted anything on here and I'm sorry for that. I'm still trying my best to get everything in order where I'm staying at currently. It has been quite the emotional roller coaster but I'm definitely not giving up. I started writing my daily cosmic insight again and today I received the most wonderful feedback on my tumblr. Any form of encouragement is wonderful. I was thinking the other day, maybe I should stop writing out the cosmic insights, but reading the message left for me today reminded me of why I started writing them in the first place. 

I'm still trying to get back into the scheme of things but I have a bunch of wonderful ideas in the works. The Cosmic Fluff Crew and I are working on weekly podcasts. I will be posting the information here once I get everything nice and organized and ready to go. Please do look forward to it!

For now stay cosmically fluffy! Here is the link to all the daily cosmic insights, !

Cosmically yours,

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Hello my wonderful fluffs!

I have been meaning to write an entry on my DA to kinda keep my friends up to date. I started posting daily insight posts on my Patreon and other social media. This post is for today, Nov. 18th, I promised myself I will keep this routine, to create a habit of it as well as some discipline. 

Due to complications with my personal life, mostly financial, I haven't been able to focus on my Cosmic Fluffs. Sadly, it seems I have to look for another day job. It hurts me deeply because I tutor kids and I love it so, so, much. I love the kids, my decision has nothing to do with them, but in order to keep my house I have to get a job that offers me more hours. *adult sigh* 

Honestly I don't know how I'm still awake. I'm waiting for my friends to come over. They're crashing at my place for the night. It is really nice, you know, since I'm usually at home alone. So yay company is more than welcome!

This weekend I do intend to update with progress pics and some other goodies. Please do check me out on social media! Love you guys and as always stay cosmically fluffy!

Cosmically yours,

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