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Back in the day, Mattel made some awesome playsets for the Masters of the Universe toyline. Or rather, they made ONE awesome playset and that was pretty much it, but I digress. Anyway, with the Princess of Power line they dropped the ball so hard it left a hole on the floor. I thought it would be a nice design exercise to think what a cartoon-style Crystal Castle playset would look like, as opposed to the pink cloud with windows that they treated kids to. Now, the problem when trying to conceptualize a Crystal Castle playset based on the cartoon is that so little of the cartoon actually takes place in it, that there is almost nothing to reference. I mean, in the only episode which featured the Castle heavily, the Stone in the Sword (go watch it) the action takes place in the caves below the castle.

Design-wise this is an “open back” playset. There’s no way that shape is going to be turned into one of those briefcase style playsets that open and close, at least I am not that good a designer to pull that off. The lower area is the entrance, the big jewel is actually the door and it would be notched so that you can open it with a little help from your fingernail, without any sort of mechanism. Right next to the jewel door is a frame with a decal of a dark cave with a dim light coming from far below, a direct reference to the chamber of the First Ones from the aforementioned episode. Connected to the bottom by a flight of stairs is the second level which represents Light Hope’s chamber. Light Hope itself would be a glowing cylinder, I imagine it as one of those color-changing nightlights you find at discount stores. Another set of stairs brings you to the top level which has pegs for She-Ra’s  sword and shield, and features another frame with a decal of Castle Grayskull, representing a portal to Eternia. There would be an appropriately winged throne for She-Ra to sit on, which you can place wherever you see fit.

In case you are wondering, I have no intention of actually building this. I don’t have the time, room, money or skill, but if anybody wants to give it a try you’re more than welcome. It was fun, I may do more of these.

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Very cool. Love the idea of light hope as a glowing cylinder...