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:iconcosmicdoodles:CosmicDoodles posted a status
Hello everyone, I know this might not reach far, but I hope it does. 

Yesterday, a shooting was taken place at a school in Florida. This school, however, was near the place of where my cousins lived. They were alive, which was good. Although this puts things into perspective. The moment of panic I had to hope that they were okay was terrible. I was never so scared in my life. 17 people did not come home to their families. 17 people while not graduate, have children, get a job they love or get to enjoy their lives. I know this is an art place. The main reason I'm telling you guys this is because it was a topic at my school today. I will ask you one thing. If there is ANYONE who you think has a rough time or possibly is dangerous. Help them to a better place in life or save others. That way maybe this life we all live could suck a little less. Mental illness is important. If you need help see a counselor or talk to someone you know. It doesn't matter what you are at all. You are important if you just believe---because others do.


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