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An angel of the Lord

Okay so besides this being a result of insomnia, I wanted to finally contribute to the spn fandom. Anyways, the story behind this is my sort of headcanon. Its pretty much that this is what Cas’ true form would look like. I like to think that the angels dont only choose any willing vessel, but ones that actually sort of look like them (mainly because I’m sure that there are multiple people who would volunteer… except Lucifer. I think Nick was just easy for him). I also took some inspiration from old painting and the angels always have long hair and I kind of went crazy with Cas’. Also think that angels physically and mentally age at a slower rate than humans (it would explain how they can be over 2000 and still act like they’re normal and not decrepit and bored and ready to die) and Cas does seem to be a baby so I tried to make him look a bit younger,

Besides that, I just tried out a new style. I only have a lap top and my hand is shakey so please, be nice ;v; I tried.
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