Space Art Contest: Chromatic! *CLOSED FOR JUDGING!

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The Chromatic contest is now closed for judging! Many thanks to all of the participants and everyone who advertised the contest, we have had an excellent showing and hopefully everyone enjoyed it!

TobiasRoetsch and myself will now carefully deliberate the final scores by the 13th. No doubt the selection will be close, with impressive works entered into the competition. The prizewinners will be contacted as soon as possible for their prize preferences!

Take a look at the entries from the contest gallery below:

Goldilock Zone by 4wallforceSpace 2018 by annemaria48Chrominance by moepforfreedomLeafy Sea Dragon in Space by LiussSteenGreen Cosmos by Metanaito-kyouPunch Through by PlanetrixIt Swirls - Space! by HopefulZeroPurple Blue Space by Metanaito-kyouOuter Rim World by 13CatsAndCountingPlease don't go by Axel-Astro-Art
Halo of Saints by PsyxisGo Tinker! by TinselfireVector exercise by TinselfireTouring the Plumes by UncleWomasSpace temptress by KawaidrawzNebulous Nightmares II by ChromattixInktober: deep by MiletysantChromatic Red | Blue by IllicitWriterRunes of Gold by nehas91Saturnine by BLPHLunar Doomsday by BLPH Celestial Covenant by OliverInkSingularity by ErikShoemakerDragon vs Magician by Fug4sSakkii by akikun-cgiBlack Hole by Daisy-FlauriossaThe Castor System by Planetrix
Dark orange by Mike-the-dabblerNova by 13CatsAndCountingbirds of passage by Kallunkefailing star by WemokittyWSun Flower by purbosky

Tidal Explosion by charmedySolar Storm (SOLD) by charmedyFlying in burning nebula by Fug4sOrigin by akikun-cgi

Space-Revived Presents... THE CHROMATIC CONTEST

At long last, the new Chromatic Contest arrives, open to all members of Space-Revived!

The theme is completely open to your imagination, with a twist: you must use only ONE OR TWO COLOURS in your space artwork. Your space art may represent anything you can imagine, but the most important thing is to champion your choice of colour. 

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Image: SalmonickAtelier


• You must be a member of Space-Revived to participate. However, everyone is welcome to join!
• Submit your work to our Chromatic folder.
• State in your description that the image was made for the Chromatic contest with a link to this journal.
• Two entries per deviant allowed, but only one can win.
• All entries must be created after October 14, 2017 and before December 30, 2017.
• All mediums are accepted, traditional, digital or mixed!
• All used resources must be legitimate and properly credited with a direct link. 
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

Artworks will be judged according to their overall quality, and how well they champion the colour.

Try to keep the colours as pure as possible in keeping with the limited colour theme of the contest. Grey will be considered a colour; cyan/blue and magenta/purple are also examples of colours which may be distinguished.

Using external resources is allowed, but will reduce your chances of winning. We highly encourage you to create as much as you can from scratch.


1st place
6 months CORE membership (or 2400 points) from communityrelations
Journal features from cosmicboundSpace-Revived

2nd place
3 months CORE membership (or 1200 points) from communityrelations
Journal features from cosmicboundSpace-Revived

3rd Place
1 month CORE membership (or 400 points) from communityrelations
Journal features from cosmicboundSpace-Revived


Additional judges to be selectively invited at the end of the competition!


Cold morning by Axel-Astro-ArtPure by sumopiggyTitan by ThuberchsPerfect Sunset Forever V by Axel-Astro-ArtThe Spires of Enceladus by uxmal750adCataclysm by sirgergCroceum by JoeyJazzThe Unknown by DKFGlacialis by JoeyJazzLeavingHome by rokis17 by Rokis17Solar Passage by sirgergTheory ][: Question Everything by JoeyJazzNeptune Skies by sirgergShadow of Io by sirgergThe Journey by Adam-Varga

Enjoy the colour!

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