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February 23, 2009
Soft and vibrant colours combined with many details and a great sense of scale. You can truly feel the Veil Of The Empyreal Sun by `j4m3sb0nd
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Veil Of The Empyreal Sun


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Under the veil of the empyreal; a strange nest for planetary perfection. It is under peculiar conditions that strange results arise, and yet nothing could be more incredible - an untapped resource of infinity, of replicating energy and material, all hidden beneath the veil of the empyreal.


28/05/19: fixed artefacts, removed borders.
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Mind Blowing and stunning work.

That's why take this Quartz badge.

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Congratulations for the DD, is a wonderful work!!! :clap:
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Wonderful piece and kudos for the composition.
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you are welcome :)
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People say, "How can you look at the universe around you and not believe in God?" I would reply, "How can you look at the vastness of the cosmos and our insignificance and believe that it was all created for us, or even spoken into existance by a man in the sky?" I don't know if you hold the same beliefs, but thinking of things such as quasars is much more spiritually satisfying than religion ever was, and it's TRUE!
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Good job mate here, love the planets positioning, working on something like this also,

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Very beautiful and fascinating comments! Makes me want to learn more!

Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
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great work.,
keep it up
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lol i have seen this in Youtube =D whit a epic music to! did you know about that? [link]
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smooth scape mate... nice colours and light effect. congrats on DD ;)
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words will not do this creation justice, ever
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a strange nest for planetary perfection....sums it up tbh :)
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lol its my username
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Whoa, stunning! :)
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Wow very pretty, the colors are so rich and vivid and it just sort of has an ethereal feel to it.
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I really, really like this image, the colors and the depth is great, however, I really think you should take out those borders. They are too big, and VERY distracting, it really takes out the impact of the picture. Just my opinion though

Take care and keep it up
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thats so beautiful!
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