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Cosmostrophe Wallpaper III

Wallpaper III/III for the Cosmostrophe artwork: Cosmostrophe by cosmicbound
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© 2016 - 2021 cosmicbound
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Wait... how does this not have a single comment?
Granted, with the immense variation and overall sense of majesty in the original, the parts are bound to be weaker than the whole. The cluster in the upper right seems to be tethering on the edge of the screen, and the purple arm of the centerpiece in the original does look lost without its great attractor, but still. Without its parent to compare against, this is easily an interesting enough piece in itself.
Though I am admittedly biased since this focuses on my favourite detail of the original: It is somewhat hard to tell, but near the center there seems to be two metal discs joined together. A familiar shape, although I have not seen it for many years. Is this a classic von Neumann probe I see? Or perhaps, something even more exotic in the way of starships?
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That is a very interesting suggestion, as you are apt to provide. The explanation for your favourite detail of the original piece is rather more prosaic on the first pass explanation; a distant galaxy. But is it really a galaxy, or does it only look like one? Whilst crafting that element I now do recall it providing an enigmatic appearance of unclear provenance, and perhaps you have seen into its actual identity. Glad to know that you appreciated the piece, as is clear from your commentary!