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Celestial Pneuma

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What a beautiful view~! You render luminous gases and celestial lights so well~!
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Thank you for your appreciation.
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wowsers i love this
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I really enjoyed the lighting and colors.
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If  James Webb Telescope discovers something amazing, it would be like this 0-o
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I appreciate that compliment!
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Thank you Anastasiy.
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Can see a lot of potential for closeups with different interpretations here. Framed without visible planets, a shot of the lower left center or upper right center might convey a sense of massive, if not even barely comprehensible scale: With the elliptic glow, the ember-like individual stars may be taken for clustered galaxies.
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Thank you for the idea, I may follow up on that!
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Howwwwwww do you do it it prity
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Glad you like it!
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I love how flow-y the gas clouds look. 
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Very nice! Good work, as always!

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really great lookig nebula mate!
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It's very inspiring. The mix of pink and purple is a regal and these tiny galaxies makes me feel so far in space. The numerous wormholes are also an interesting touch.
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I appreciate the response Psyxis! Great to know how you found it inspiring, immersing into the details.
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