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For those who don't know, "I wanna hear you crunch!!" is a macro piece I did a few years ago... that can be found in the "Fantasy" section of my personal site ( ).  ...It's where my avatar comes from.

Anyway, it's now available as a 23 x 35 poster through CafePress for $22.99 (plus shipping)...

Incredibly anal and self-conscious of anything that bares my name, I took it upon myself to order one before making this announcement.

The image quality of these posters is truly above and beyond my expectations!  The line-work is crisp and smooth without any visible pixelation!!  The colors are rich and exactly as I intended.  And, with the exception of a tiny bit of cropping I had to do to the background (to make the image exactly 23 x 35), every detail is visible, right down to the tiny jet in the upper left corner.

These pictures do NOT do it justice...………

If you're a fan of this piece, now's your chance to not only own a copy for yourself, but to view it as originally intended... large, in your face, and fully detailed!!

(cheap-ass frame not included)
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