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Lapidot Valentine2017 by Cosmic-Riptide Lapidot Valentine2017 by Cosmic-Riptide

Lapis smiles to herself as Peridot geeks-out.

This year’s Valentine for my :iconalwyn-mallory: .

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DrChrisman Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
little did they know that was a real Caterpie:XD:
Timmy-22222001 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017
Space rocks playing with Pokemon and they're both in a relationship, this picture is so unrealistic!!! *laughs*

Naw, just kidding.  This is really sweet to be honest and its been too long since I've seen some genuine cuteness between these two.  Besides how the show kinda shows them working together this is really nice and simple enough to show them in a cute pairing and hanging around with one another.

Like most of all the size differences between the two and how well you captured that with Lapis and her tall body and long legs to Peri and how much she scrunches up with that Ipad of hers there.  And nice addition with the Ipad itself, just like from the show.  Unlike the show, I really admire the better touch of anatomy and bit of realism you give each these two.  Poses like this aren't done so much in the show and it makes shots like really stand out if you ask me.

On top of that is the cuteness of the focus where they both eye the caterpie or carterpillar in front of them and again giving them both something to focus on without making it overly cute with the Valentine's Day touch.  Its simple and that's all it needs to be. *nods*

Oh and final huzzah towards the nice themed hearts in the background plus that of the shadows your using on some parts of the skin and clothes.  You might try and toss in some lighting details to make the skin feel more softer or even making the screen from Peri's Ipad glow a bit.  But that's not me complaining in any bit here.  You did a fantastic job and be proud of the quality cuteness you generated here, well done Cosmic-Riptide.

Cosmic-Riptide Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for all of your kind words!

:iconalwyn-mallory: prefers subtlety and cuteness too overtness, so I tried to create a scene that had a feeling of closeness without depicting a physical relationship. It's more of a slice-of-life moment, which is fitting considering the show the characters are from.

Originally, I wasn't going to shade this piece (because the characters look more on-model without shadows), but I found that a few details looked muddled with just flat colors, so I added the shadows to make these areas stand out a bit better.

I considered adding highlights too, but I was afraid of my O.C.D. kicking in and piece becoming more complex than I intended it to be.

Thank you very much again!!
Timmy-22222001 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017
Slice of like is something I can relate very much towards a show like SU.  Think you did it very well the way you did to hint at the both of them here the way you did compared to just having them mash each other in their faces with their lips and call it a day.  Gives more for the fans to demand if you ask me, lol.

Well I can't judge you on how you choose to shadow your work and no worries on whether you decide to or not to.  You got your own methods to make your artwork work in that way and more power to the artist wanting to be unique in that fashion.  In short, keep it up. ^o^

And don't get me started on the OCD I get when going some of my work.  Art can become like that when it shouldn't and that's very big of you to stop and step back before falling down into that rabbit hole.  Not that extra details are bad but sometimes I've seen artists who hate the picture because they spent too much time and energy on it, yikes!

Oh, no worries either the support to your lovely work here Cosmic.  You did an outstanding job here, just wanted to let you know that.  Even if I am a bit long winded in my comments, lol.

Alwyn-Mallory Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Holy cow, I love this SO much! Thank you, Love, you really made my year! You've been making them for about 26 years now ^__^
Hug Heart Heart Heart 
Cosmic-Riptide Featured By Owner Edited Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You are very welcome! Thank you for always being there for me!! Happy Lappy Heart 3D Heart 3D Heart 3D 
Alwyn-Mallory Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Always, Baby!! Glomp! 
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