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I was inspired by Vindhov and Lopoddity to do this. :)
Each prompt below is in chronological order.

Phase 1: New Beginnings

Of Moonlight and Chaos

Princess Celestia, Loki
In the aftermath of her sister’s banishment, Princess Celestia makes a shocking discovery.

Brother Mine

Thor, Loki, Princess Celestia
Thor is more than happy to welcome his new baby brother into the family.

Magic Troubles

Princess Celestia, Thor, Loki
Thor and Loki are having trouble with their magic, but thankfully, Celestia is there to help them out.


Thor, Princess Celestia
Princess Celestia presents Thor with a sacred object- one that will help him with his magic.

The Dawn of Mischief

Thor, Loki
Thor finds a snake, but soon realizes that it’s not what it seems.


Loki, Thor
Loki has trouble fitting in with Thor’s friend group.

In Your Shadow

Loki, Thor, Princess Celestia
Loki begins to believe that his mother loves Thor more than him. 

Our Heavy Crowns

Thor, Loki
After a rogue dragon severely injures Princess Celestia, a war between ponies and dragons is on the verge of happening- and it’s up to Thor and Loki to resolve it.


Thor, Loki, Princess Celestia
Princess Celestia shows pride in her sons after they resolved the threat of war, because she knows that they’re finally ready.

New Wings

Thor, Loki
Thor and Loki are excited to try out their new wings. However, they’re horrible at flying. 


Loki, Thor
Loki finds out what he really is.

A Concerned Brother

Thor, Loki
Loki hasn’t been the same since the incident. Thor is worried about him.


Loki, Princess Celestia
Loki is upset with his mother for keeping secrets.

Of Darkest Nights and Mischief

Loki begins to embrace his roots- but not in a good way. 

This Ends Now

Thor, Loki
After Equestria receives threats from the dragons again, Thor realizes that Loki is planning on starting a war.

Lost to History

Thor, Loki
Thor and Loki fight over Loki’s reckless choice to throw Equestria into a war- a fight that would change Equestria’s history forever.

Breaking Dawn

Princess Celestia
Princess Celestia feels like she's forgetting something important- but she can't remember what it is.

Phase 2: A Grand Adventure

Friendship is Magic

Buttercup, Fireside, Tiberius, Lilly, Emmy, Beryl, Snowy, Scarlet, Glory
The group of nine make preparations to visit every place in Equestria.

 On the Road

Buttercup, Fireside, Tiberius, Lilly, Emmy, Beryl, Snowy, Scarlet, Glory
The grand adventure begins! 



I miss having a Core Membership :c
Am I a bad person for finding some villain characters attractive? ;-;

Anthro Tiberius by cosmic-oreo
I attempted to draw an anthro version of Tiberius. Not sure if I’m gonna digitize this sketch yet, but here you go!



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