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Hey there! Here's the official page for the commissions that I (Ev) offer. Rory's commission journal will be up once she organizes a few details. :) See below for details!

.: EV :. 

Lineart: 30 points
Flat coloring: 40 points
Full shading + color: 60 Points

Room Where It Happens Has A Sick Beat by Cosmic-Cola
(Full shading example above)

Half Body:
Lineart: 75 points
Flat color: 125 points
Full shading + color: 175 points
Foxpai Copy by Cosmic-Cola
(Bit sloppily cropped, but here's about where a fully shaded piece will end)

Full Body:
Lineart: 150
Flat Color: 200
Full shading + color: 250

Painting Blank by Cosmic-Cola
(Colored + shaded fullbody example)

// I only do humans/humanoids since I am actual garbage at animals or anthros (nekos, object heads, or other primarily-human species are usually fine. ask me, yo)
// I won't draw anything lewd or NSFW (though a bit suggestive is fine)
// Prices may vary with complexity, but only if the character design is super duper complicated
// Please provide me with a ref! I add 75 points to the price if all I have to go off of is a description since it makes the process waaaaay more difficult
// Complicated weapons are difficult for me so I add on points if you want me to draw your dude holding a complex sword with them. For the fullbody, adding a sword is 50 points, but the half-body is 25.
// I can't draw guns, my guys
// I'm new to this, so please let me know if I mess anything up! I'll be glad to go back and fix it.
// I usually take 1-2 weeks to finish a batch, since school and other obligations tend to be fairly unpredictable and my weekend work time is often questionable.
// As of current, I don't do backgrounds since I'm not confident in my ability to draw them. All commissions will likely be in the form of a transparent PNG image unless I have a super pressing idea for a simple pattern background that'd look cool (I'll always ask before doing it, though!)

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March 1