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i'm going to keep making these until they stop being so funny to me
(i dunno when i'll finish this but hopefully i'll get the whole song done at some point. this was the first time i'd ever tried editing stuff over a video like this and you can see me start to figure it out as it goes along lmao)

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Everything's half off for the foreseeable future, y'all :0

Link to commissions page
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Hey there! Here's the official page for the commissions that I (Ev) offer. Rory's commission journal will be up once she organizes a few details. :) See below for details!

.: EV :. 

Lineart: 30 points
Flat coloring: 40 points
Full shading + color: 60 Points

Room Where It Happens Has A Sick Beat by Cosmic-Cola
(Full shading example above)

Half Body:
Lineart: 75 points
Flat color: 125 points
Full shading + color: 175 points
Foxpai Copy by Cosmic-Cola
(Bit sloppily cropped, but here's about where a fully shaded piece will end)

Full Body:
Lineart: 150
Flat Color: 200
Full shading + color: 250

Painting Blank by Cosmic-Cola
(Colored + shaded fullbody example)

// I only do humans/humanoids since I am actual garbage at animals or anthros (nekos, object heads, or other primarily-human species are usually fine. ask me, yo)
// I won't draw anything lewd or NSFW (though a bit suggestive is fine)
// Prices may vary with complexity, but only if the character design is super duper complicated
// Please provide me with a ref! I add 75 points to the price if all I have to go off of is a description since it makes the process waaaaay more difficult
// Complicated weapons are difficult for me so I add on points if you want me to draw your dude holding a complex sword with them. For the fullbody, adding a sword is 50 points, but the half-body is 25.
// I can't draw guns, my guys
// I'm new to this, so please let me know if I mess anything up! I'll be glad to go back and fix it.
// I usually take 1-2 weeks to finish a batch, since school and other obligations tend to be fairly unpredictable and my weekend work time is often questionable.
// As of current, I don't do backgrounds since I'm not confident in my ability to draw them. All commissions will likely be in the form of a transparent PNG image unless I have a super pressing idea for a simple pattern background that'd look cool (I'll always ask before doing it, though!)