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Pssst, read this book
C’mon, do it:
After I bought it at my local bookstore one sunny morning on September 15th, I spent the night chuckling in either amusement or bitter acknowledgment as I read it.
Starting on a light note, there are a lot of funny insults in there.**
(**except for calling Richard Hofstadter a “shitlib par excellence” despite his work contributing more to educate Americans and others with comprehensive scholarly treatises. Why the fuck did they insult him for??)
Anyway— As the subtitle of this book implies: logic, facts, & reason won’t save our futures, won’t save any of us. Because those 3 things no longer matter. The same goes for any ostensible “checks & balances” that might have existed.
It also emphasizes that civility, decorum, and playing fair will never triumph over depraved reactionaries & elitist bullies who never gave half a damn about any of that in the first place.
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Journal History

Across the nation, nearly 13,000 people are being tortured and held ransom, simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.…
Caged ChildrenI would have posted this earlier but I’ve been terribly ill for the past 5 days, and I still am.

“The actual murder was the last step of a long process. A Holocaust doesn’t happen in one step. It happens by very little steps that are being overlooked in society.”— Lillian Gewirtzman, Holocaust survivor
By the way, we are approaching stage 7.
articles from the last 2 days:
Systemic child abuse brought to you by ICE
”Since Auschwitz, we know what man is capable of and since Hiroshima, we know what is at stake.” —Viktor Frankl
...Well, so much for that.
I’ll remind you that we’re on Stage Five:
Imagine life in your home country being so dangerous and of poor quality that you risk your life to come to the States, with thousands of Gestapo ICE and border patrol agents slithering around waiting to throw you in a cage and yank your terrified children from your arms. And 63 million Trump voters who hate your guts; some of them fantasize about killing you.
If borders and laws lead to cruel, barbaric treatment of desperate people, then those laws are better done away with.
And for the record, crossing the U.S. border illegally (with no weapons) is a misdemeanor.
By this time next year, I won’t be surprised if these poor people were murdered f

In America, there is apparently no greater evil than being an illegal immigrant, despite the fact that this country was founded after illegal immigrants killed a lot of the northeastern natives while stealing their land.

It doesn’t matter that there are corrupt politicians, mass shooters, rapist priests, and murderous racist cops plaguing the USA— the ruling class lies through their teeth that the illegal immigrants are the root of all evil. What’s worse is that millions of dumbasses believes that shit.

If you don’t think this is monstrous, you have no conscience whatsoever.…

Because “fuck disaster victims and survivors, we need funding for concentration camps.”…

The courts and due process itself no long matters.……

Which brings us to ICE and border patrol torturing and terrorizing these people.……

Jesus Christ, this is horrific.………………

I really hate this asshole.…………

Oh would you look at that: a Gestapo border patrol agent is a serial killer. Worse, 4 murder victims might not be all.……

And this rapist degenerate.……

20 bucks says that nearly every responder in this thread fantasizes about ICE & border patrol thugs committing genocide against illegal immigrants and liberals.…

The ICE Gestapo are among the worst monsters in this country and they deserve to rot for putting thousands of people through Hell. I don’t give a shit if they’re here illegally or not, I hope that every single one of these prisoners get revenge on ICE & border patrol.……

Burn this pig at the stake.……

Read these two articles, they’re illuminating.……

This lady is a good person:…

…when a Jewish historian is warning you about ethnic cleansing and signs of impending genocide, you better fucking listen.………

I forget who said this but it was from r/chapotraphouse a few weeks ago:

"3800 kids are being transferred to a “tent city” in Texas (where they will undoubtedly be sexually abused by the pond scum that staff these types of places), I saw a bunch of tweets from trump supporting dipshits that were defending it, in the usual sadistic way (don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, focus on problems in America, they’re not citizens they don’t have rights, etc.). Obviously seeing brown kids held in concentration camps with the extremely high likelihood of them being abused or killed makes these lower-than-dog-shit Nazi fucks cum in their pants. The pond scum that were replying to this shit was a mix of ignorant redneck fucks, upper middle class shitheads from Long Island, geriatric old racists, and a handful of bots. These people are the real enemy, their ideology must be eradicated by any means possible, they are what the Nazis were in the run up to the Holocaust, and the whole world would be a better place if every single person that thought like them died of the worst cancer imaginable. The fucking gall these people have to live in AMERICA of all places and espouse this shit makes it 10x worse. If these fucks were living in, I don’t know, some random country that minded its own business and wasn’t built off of genocide, slavery and immigrant labor, then I would understand it a little, but still think they were pieces of shit. But for these chuds living in America, I can’t even possibly fantasize about ways of them all dropping dead instantly. Sorry for the rant, this country is fucked.”

I understand exactly what he means.

By the way, these psychopaths really want to mutilate and kill us. If that doesn’t horrify you, well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.…

This brings me to the second half of this entry:
“Nazi cunts want you dead.”

Dear assholes who whine incessantly about leftist violence:
How many leftists killed people these past 8 years?

The far-right has a large body count.

If Antifa, socialists, anti-Trump protesters in general are SO violent, where's our Dylann Roof?

or Elliot Rodger?
Jared Loughner?
Lane Davis?
William Atchison?
Nicholas Giampa?
Matthew Riehl?
Chris Mercer?
Alek Minassian? (Canada)
Alexandre Bissonnette? (Canada)
Anders Behring Brievik? (Norway)
Sean Urbanksi?
James Jackson?
Jeremy Christian?
James Alex Fields?
Nicolas Cruz?

Republicans who whine about the left being violent can rot in Hell. They are some of the most hypocritical pricks on the face of the Earth.…………

Every rat bastard who calls himself a “Proud Boy” or supports them should be hurled off the Verrazano Bridge with “cement shoes.”…………………………

Hell Yeah, God bless Antifa! :thumbsup:……

Krang T. Nelson comin’ in with another good take:…

Good on this guy for doing his research…

Please God, let these 9 rot on Rikers Island like they deserve.…

I bet the arresting officer was sad that he had to arrest his friend.……

Some who work forces are the same who burn crosses.…

LOL also never forget that “Proud Boys” leader Gavin McInnes showed his asshole on air. (NSFW!!!)…

Here’s a clip of this pube-faced ghoul talking about how he loves committing violence against his opponents. Hopefully, what goes around comes around back to him real soon. Personally, I hope the fucker gets pushed in front of an oncoming subway train.………

Drag these diabolical motherfuckers over the coals.
(thanks to Andy, Vic, and Nathan for covering this)…………

You can see some of these cretins in the responses here.…

Faux News are lying through their fangs again.…

The responses here show how bloodthirsty and sadistic conservatives are. They’re drooling at the chance to shoot or run over Antifa people if the former can get away with it.………

I really hate all of these rabid jihadists. Goddamn lunatics.……

Oh shit, found yet another domestic terrorist/ future mass shooter in the making.…

I always hated Fareed Zakaria and garbage opinions like this reminded me why I do.…

Don’t trust anybody who’s obsessed about “law and order.” When they really mean is intimidating and punishing everyone they don’t like.…

Looks like the state-sanctioned Black Shirts of Portland (Oregon) are trying hard to be as corrupt as the NYPD is.………

This asshat wanted notoriety. Screw him.……

LOL enjoy prison, dickface.…

Imagine this fatass dweeb believing he’s genetically superior to anyone.…

Screw you, Rand Paul.…

There is a heinous attempt by people to equate fascist and anti-fascist violence. But it doesn't stand up to even the slightest scrutiny.

Fascists want their opponents dead. It's why they drive cars into crowds, shoot at people, detonate bombs, etc. Anti-fascists want their opponents to stop acting like fascists and let other people go about their lives freely. It's why they're notorious for using fists, pepper spray, firecrackers, etc. It sucks to get pepper sprayed or punched, but if you support & encourage fascism, then you deserve it, capiche?

*super genius voice* uh the nazis were left wing because they had “socialist” in their name. Also a nurse shark is actually a nurse.…

Indeed, imagine someone so stupid that they believe “Nazis were actually leftists because they had the word “socialist” in their official name.” And the fact that leftists (trade unionists, socialists, communists) were among the millions who were imprisoned & murdered in the Nazi death camps. It’s like that time Paul Ryan claimed he liked “Rage Against the Machine” back in 2012 & Tom Morello called him out on it.

It’s scary how psychopaths will lie and thousands will believe them.…
“Hitler & Mussolini were socialists! That’s why their regimes sent so many socialists to be killed in the death camps!”

Anti-fascist attacks stop the moment you stop being a fascist, but the targets of fascists don't get that luxury, because you can't stop being a racial minority.

The goals, too, are entirely disparate. There is always a difference between offensive and defensive violence. Fascism is built on the idea of using force to exterminate their enemies, and they will do so at the slightest provocation, and will use the power of the state to do so if they can obtain it. Acknowledging that, and putting a stop to it before it happens, is not a bad thing.

There are way too many fools who believe that we need to give power to the psychotic, corrupt, depraved, sadistic, vindictive death cult for “balance.”
No wonder Martin Luther King Jr. denounced the “white moderate” who cares about order more than justice.…

This is hilarious, though.…


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Scary Tree
This photograph was taken on 3/25/2017.

I'm shocked that I forgot to post this as well.

So there's a horrifying "screaming face" in the tree next my mom's house, a year and a half later, it's still here.
It looks like something out of "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark."
Bike Accident
This photograph was taken on 2/8/2016.

I'm surprised that I forgot to post this.

...I wonder how the hell it got there? When I came back 2 years later, the wreckage was taken down.
Cookie's Halloween Bandanna
I'm sorry for the small size of this photo, but I couldn't find any larger copies.

My mother took this as least 4 years ago (RIP Cookie), and while Cookie loved the cold autumn weather, she HATED trick or treaters ringing our doorbell, so she barked like crazy. ...Sorry, Cook, you couldn't have any chocolates! =P
Little Black Cat
This photograph was taken on 5/28/2018.

Another photo of my aunt’s cat “Bebe”, looking much less grumpy than he did in the other picture I just posted. :lol:
Grumpy Black Cat
This photograph was taken on 5/21/2018.

...but it’s slightly fitting to post now since Halloween is 10 days away.

My aunt’s cat “Bebe” typically stays at my grandpa’s house while she’s away. I’m not sure what he’s angry about here, haha.


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I don't like you. I don't like anybody who has as little respect for others as you do. You're a putrescent mass, a walking bucket of vomit. You are a spineless little worm deserving nothing but the most profound contempt.

May you choke on the queasy, convulsing nausea of your own trite, foolish beliefs. You are grimy, squalid, nasty, and obscene. You are foul and disgusting. You're a fool, an ignoramus.

You are ridiculous and obnoxious, you vulgar little maggot. You are the moral equivalent of a leech. You are a living emptiness, a meaningless void. You are degenerate, noxious, and depraved. I feel violated just for knowing you exist. I despise everything about you. I cannot believe how incredibly stupid you are.

You are wholly without any redeeming social grace or value. If God ever decides to give the planet an enema, you'd better run like the wind because anywhere you stand is a suitable place for The Insertion. You are of less worth than a burnt-out light bulb. You will forever live in shame.
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Being an anti-Semite, a racist, and a sexist isn't a "different opinion," it's being an asshole. Eat shit.
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