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Gmail [Product Sans Logo Concept]

When Google launched their Product Sans font and new logo, the majority of their services updated to take advantage of it. A few didn't including YouTube (which I did a while back!) and Gmail. I thought this was interesting as now it just shows the normal Google logo with the word "Gmail" in a dropdown beneath it instead of the service having it's own brand like in the past. That had the word "Gmail" in Google colors with the "m" being the Gmail icon.

I decided to take it upon myself to recreate this using Product Sans and a updated Material Design Gmail icon! (instead of the old Moonshine/JFK-styled ones). I started by looking at the old version and getting the color order, then applied that to the word "Gmail" in Inkscape, next I downloaded the official SVG from Google and replaced the "m" with it, and lastly I adjusted spacing and alignment.

Overall, I think it came out pretty good! Could use some tweaking if Google did this official but otherwise good!

Product Sans and Gmail belong to Alphabet Inc. and Google.
Concept by Me
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