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Unbearable Hugs by CosinePitchshifterz Unbearable Hugs by CosinePitchshifterz
Dear Princess Celestia,

"The naga slowly crept onto his coils, wanting to get a better view of his prey. In the mass of coils, his poor friend was enduring a constriction like no other. He was well aware that being friends with a predator meant that the serpent could turn on him and attack him at any given moment. Turns out, Sine wanted to do just that. He wanted to watch him suffocate for his entertainment. An eeringly calm face was what Sine had, as he watched. His coils were massive, weighing more than an entire house. Sine was no doubt the biggest reptile in the Everfree, and also one of the most feared predators in Equestria. 

The beast was already well fed, having come home to rest after a successful night of hunting. His friend :iconmercfox438: decided to stop by to pay him a visit. At first, the creature was happy to see his friend, but then he began to eye his friend hungrily. He could already taste his blood. Wasting no time, he quickly tackled him and wrapped him tightly. With the size of his coils, he could knock him out in less than a minute, but where was the fun in that. He was gonna take his time and squeeze every last bit of air from him.

He would loosen his coils a bit every now and then to let his prey catch his breath.....before tightening his coils and squeezing him again.....and again....and again.

Very fascinating. I will record more data as the creature becomes more active."

Your Most Faithful Student,

-Princess Twilight Sparkle
bcooo91h Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2016
I miss his hugs 
MercFox438 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
N..nngh great I am a rather...successful subject for twilight >.<
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