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Bird Prey by CosinePitchshifterz Bird Prey by CosinePitchshifterz
Once again, another victim has chosen the wrong spot to camp for the night. As soon as he saw the naga, he knew it was too late. Looking at the black spots on his blue scaled enormous body, he feared he was poisonous. But that was the least of his worries. The naga was huge. His coils. They were very big coils. They looked absurdly heavy. The cardinal wanted to run, but all he could do was stare at what was connected to this massive tail.

It was a creature he has not seen before. A horse upper half body, joined by the big coils. He held up his hooves in a cute way as he hissed in anticipation, realizing his prey has given up on trying to escape. The cardinal stared at his beautiful mane. It was so....wild. Naturally wild. Normally nagas would just have an ugly snake head and NO ARMS. But this particular creature, had hooves, and long, beautiful hair. His eyes....oh his eyes were quite a sight. They had no sparkle. They were black and empty. All except for those small white dots. One in each eye. They were quite fearsome to look at, especially in the dark.

The naga could've struck the cardinal down and end him brutally, but he did not chose to go down that path. The entertainment would end too fast. Instead, the naga slowly slithered closer as the cardinal stood frozen in awe and fear. The naga smoothly slithered up to him and slowly moved his lower coils in front to form a giant loop around his prey. The cardinal was now trapped.

The naga slowly close the space and wrapped his big coils around the cardinal. The naga's size alone was almost enough to smoother the cardinal as one loop of his coils cocooned nearly his entire body. The coils continued to wrap and slide slowly around his prey, making wet squishing sounds as they rub together. The cardinal only stood there and looked up at the naga as the coils gripped him, snugging up to his neck, forcing his head in an upright position to stare up at the naga. The coils slowly began to squeeze.......and squeeze......and squeeze......crushing him. The cardinal tried to take short gulps, but the naga only cinched his coils and squeezed tighter. The naga loomed over and watched quietly as he continued to tightly squeeze more and more by the second. Even though the cardinal's body was providing resistance to his squishing mass, the naga only continued to squeeze......and squeeze.......and squeeze....

The cardinal felt......good. He simply gave in to become the nagas squeeze toy as the naga continued to squeeze for hours on end.

The victim is :…
Raketjohnny Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016
The art is AWESOME and the text i love it so much, fucking awesome to read. Its so detailed!! Good job man! Keep it up.
abusaud55 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016
It well be better if you make it color and add what it say
LightningWing01 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2016
This cardinal would probably make only a tiny snack for Sine considering his size.
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