Pejorative Label Disorder

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You say, 'They've got Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.' I say they like to keep things tidy, or they don't like to have dirty hands.

You say, 'She's got Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.' I say she's a normal, active kid who's bored to tears in the prison they've made of her home or her school or both.

You say, 'He's got Asperger's Syndrome.' I say he's got a different perspective on life from yours.

You say you're a psychologist. I say you've got Pejorative Label Disorder.

Whenever I see the words "disorder" or "syndrome" in a psychological context, my blood boils...
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I think its sometimes important to put a name to things because in some cases the person needs extra help or for people to know that they have a "different" personality so they're not singled out as being weird or something. Add is extremely common though, too common. Maybe its the schooling that needs to change.
I do like you. You have a different perspective on things and are willing to question things that most other people will just go along with. Its sometimes frustrating noticing stuff that most others turn a blind eye to.