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Aurora Borealis by gekkoen2 Aurora Borealis :icongekkoen2:gekkoen2 1 2
You Are Important.
It's something I read somewhere recently. Something nice, that's stuck in my head. I think it may have been an image shared on Twitter, or something similar. Its title comprised of the above. Its reasoning went thusly:
The world wouldn't be the same if you hadn't been born. Wherever you've been, you've left a mark, even if only briefly. People you know wouldn't be the same without your friendship. Certain places have been changed physically by your presence, even if only minimally. Certain people would never have met without you, and certain things could never have been done without you.
This is where the specifics of the writing tail off for me, but the message was lasting. I was thinking about it tonight as I wandered through my favourite field. We are on a rock hanging in a void, circling a massive ball of fire in great loops until the universe collapses or time literally runs out. OK, fine, that's fact. Everyone's time is finite, but that doesn't mean that
:iconlethus1:Lethus1 3 9
Grown Ups by pesare Grown Ups :iconpesare:pesare 335 46
Harlequin: You Must Submit
Harlequin Special Edition wants me to do edits on Coming Attractions, then resubmit. This is not a guarantee they'll buy it.
But it's also not a rejection, and gets me a step closer. The editorial assistant used such words as "loved", "skill", and "write very well", which ain't too shabby when accompanied by "I would welcome a revised manuscript".
Then there are those two long paragraphs detailing what she didn't like. Some of the problems were niggling at the back of my own mind, which tells me I should have listened to my internal editor from the first. But a few suggestions include major, moving the whole book around stuff, of the "months of revisions" variety.
So, am I going to do all that work, or move on to a different publisher and try again with the story as it stands?
Well, it's Harlequin, man!
Yes, I'm aware some writers hate Harlequin. No, I'm not afraid to take a pass. However, the editor is right about almost all the concerns she mentioned. I'd be a fool not to take advant
:iconozma914:ozma914 1 0
Rust-Punk Romeo and Juliet by hesir Rust-Punk Romeo and Juliet :iconhesir:hesir 5 4 Here in the end by DinamiQ Here in the end :icondinamiq:DinamiQ 4 0 Wtedy... by MTrafimoff Wtedy... :iconmtrafimoff:MTrafimoff 170 26
Daric - Kalach
It was called Kalach.
Some admiring souls had another name for it: the City of Dreams. In actual fact, Kalach was so much better than that. It was a dream made reality. It had been built in Eastern Europe as a joint effort between Men and Dwarves, the former's ambitious vision fantasically realised by the latter's architectural ingenuity. Sloping, elegant structures shone in the sun, the light refracting and bouncing off the previous metals. Doors slid open with barely a noise, and rounded windows were carved delicately into the walls. The sunlight pervaded everywhere - every street, every alley, every house. In the day, the city lit up like a beacon, the streets milling with denizens of all species and colours: Men, Elves, Dwarves and Orcs among them. Even a few Goblins could be seen, furtively selling their wares on the busy markets under the shade of the thin spires. At night, the bars and restaurants would open, and the stars and moonlight would hang in the sky, drifting past the o
:iconlethus1:Lethus1 3 7
Canion in Armenia by unkasv Canion in Armenia :iconunkasv:unkasv 1 1 The Falkirk Tunnel and Canal by BusterBrownBB The Falkirk Tunnel and Canal :iconbusterbrownbb:BusterBrownBB 20 13 - When nicely shine on - by UNexperienced - When nicely shine on - :iconunexperienced:UNexperienced 115 7 In the evening light by MisterKrababbel In the evening light :iconmisterkrababbel:MisterKrababbel 15 1 Highland Bridge by Spyder-art Highland Bridge :iconspyder-art:Spyder-art 24 2 The 'Fair City' of Perth by SnapperRod The 'Fair City' of Perth :iconsnapperrod:SnapperRod 7 9 Flying III by DinamiQ Flying III :icondinamiq:DinamiQ 8 2 Tyrant by Neizen Tyrant :iconneizen:Neizen 29 5

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