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TwoKinds: Flora

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Vulpix asked me to draw Flora from TwoKinds [link] ^_^ We find this comics is so Funny. ^_^

Flora (c) Twokinds
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That is awesome!!!!!!!
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she look like a kid
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I use this picture as my background. Flora is just so cute.
okay... im a bit of a noob here... how do i make something my sig? and yes... i support, and draw furries :D
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Just go to the page where you edit your deviantID. should be pretty streight forward from there.
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i saw the the kinds serias the dog cunfussed about his gender right pretty action packed and emotionall as well as a comedy
so cat like
yet still cuter then ever
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Mouse- o.o"
:3 Nice pic, Flora looks so cute!
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Flora is the Best !!!!!!!!!
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awww so cute :3
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Aw cute pic, it's reminiscent of Zelda: Wind Waker^^
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It's very cute. ^^
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i love two kinds, just started reading it a few days ago
but i dont remember her ever wearing pants :3
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Flora's the greatest ain't she!
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I have been reading this comic for years and i will continue to read it until the end
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Flora is one of the best characters... including when she's in heat
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awwww how cute ^_^ :3
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Flora's no good - Needs more Karen.
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Teeth............rotting away..........Diabieties't stop shatner..............!................Errrg..........Blarg!!!!!

*Dies from the suger shock.*
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Oh look! It's another person who reads Two Kinds! :)
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