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Every year, around this time, we are forcefully reminded of our past and present relationships. For some of us, it's a time to spend with loved ones and to remind and be reminded of how much you care. For others, though, it's a desperate marketing ploy that drills into your mind how lonely you are and always will be.


Valentine's Day. A day that brings about a lot of different feelings to different people. Whether that tingle in your stomach is the affection for someone you hold dear, or your lunch gurgling it's way to the surface, sometimes you just need to let the world know. This holiday, we want you to express that through the use of the timeless Valentine's Card.

It's simple. We need writers to come up with their own Valentine's Cards, something to tell people just how you feel. Whether that means utter distaste for the season, or one of true affection, it is up to you.

:bulletred: How to Submit :bulletred:

Take your finished image and submit it to Contests > deviantHEART > Pro for Pro-Valentine's submissions, and Contests > deviantHEART > Anti for the Anti-Valentine's submissions.

While you can use your own images for this, we also encourage the use of stock image. Be inventive. Postcard images minimum of 600x900 in size, with an ideal size of 1200x1800. You can see FAQ 132 for more details.

Entries must be received before Midnight, February 10th in GMT time.

:bulletred: Prizes :bulletred:

5 submissions from each of the two categories will be selected and the winners will receive a prints account. You will then be able to sell your submissions to the dA community.

:bulletred: Resources :bulletred:

To search for stock on deviantART, you can simply use the Search field at the top of the page. To look for something specifically in the stockart category, simply write "in:stockart" at the end of your criteria.

Example: "heart in:stockart"

If you are without a image manipulation program, you can download the GIMP for free from their website. You can also check the article A Guide to The GIMP for some more tips and resources.

Here are some examples you can work with right away, that have been suggested by radioPooh and graciously donated by tangledweb:

White Rose on Grassy Lawn by FantasyStock Gold Heart-Shaped Photo Frame by FantasyStock :thumb28356849: :thumb28356762:

Ensure that you notify/credit the stock artist and provide a link so that we can ensure that you have permission to distribute your manipulation. External stock sites are also allowed, granted that similar permission is provided.

Remember, get out there, be creative, and have fun!
© 2006 - 2021 coshdaddy
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HFXmermaid's avatar
uh, when did this actually close? and have the winners been chosen?
shidesha's avatar
I didnt realise there was a competition on, next time I should keep my eyes open :)
Congrats to the winners.
agutrot's avatar
Never mind.. I found it :P omg.. stupid!!
shidesha's avatar
Lol don't worry ^_^ We all have our momments :p
agutrot's avatar
who won? I'd like to see the winner pictures.
moosarts's avatar
when will the winners be posted?
lorddarq's avatar
ok this is the last contest I'm ever going in to... just watch away ppl and see tomorrow will be more posts in the contest,although the deadline was the 10th !!!! so then tell me ? what the hell is fair ? ok,i told you about the 11th... maybe THAT was wrong to say... np look up the entries !!! TADAAA friggin 12th !!! last entries are from the 12th !!! :wtf:
Guccigirl's avatar
cosh wont count (or even look at) the ones added past the due date sheesh u could have half a brain and figure that out
lorddarq's avatar
wrong my friend.. right way to have said it would have been: Even with half a brain you should be as intelligent to SEE wich is the deadline...and NOT post after that time.. Smartass !
Guccigirl's avatar
look, im not lookin to start a fight. Some people think they can get away with posting it after the deadline, but does that give you the right to rant and rave about it? No. Because, frankly, it's not your problem. Its the people who sent those in late's propblem. its not going to affect the way you are being judged. And if a winner has a date past the deadline, rant and rave all you want. But right now, it's no big deal.
lorddarq's avatar
neither am I! but it's good to help solving a problem early on,so it won't grow bigger.think it like this.The person submits, biggie!He/she wins... you got yourself a problem... admin finds out it's been submitted past the deadline... the image is exceptionally good... admin doesn't feel confortable because he knows that the image is very good but on the other hand he will not act fair with others.. so he doesn't validate the image as a contest winner... the author will feel crappy... so will the admin... and so will the guy that wins because he is aware of the fact that although he's a first place man,he's a second choice.. m? anyway,i'm going to drop the subject... I'm becoming more and more aware of the fact that the average age here on deviantART is 13... :salute: cya !
KittyKatKuriousity's avatar
I noted them to ask a question and it sounded to me like they printed them out or something on the due date and started judging them. I don't think you have to worry. Besides I don't think there's a number one. They pick five from each category.
lorddarq's avatar
they already did...:) well.. maybe next time i'll win too..:sigh:
KittyKatKuriousity's avatar
good luck in the future
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Guccigirl's avatar
I see your pont, very clearly. But i dont think judges would pick some one who has posted past the due date. I dont see the point in ranting about hypothetical insnaces. The author will probably feel very stupid for submiting it late, but i'm pretty sure admin wont feel to bad because they broke the rules. So, if it is exceptional and wonderful, it doesnt mater. Posting past the deadline is out of line and those who have done it wont be considered. I see that you were only trying to help, but it seemed as if you were doing it in a mean way *cough*smartass*cough* so, i agree that this 'situation' so-to-speak is nothing more than a little bump on the road that you can ignore. Alrighty then. Good luck in the contest and have a great day!! ^_^
lorddarq's avatar
:handshake: agreed ! :) you have a nice day too !
lorddarq's avatar
ok ppl.. this is bull look here: * Submitted: Feb 11, 2006 cmmon ! it said the last entry is midnight 10!!
Guccigirl's avatar
ehat the hell r u talkin about?
lorddarq's avatar
just look at the last two entries...geez !
vill's avatar
Just cant wait for results... As people wish me to win. I think I'll do.
lorddarq's avatar
:doh: universally stupid thing to say man...
vill's avatar
A normal desire mf! I think I have real chance and aint asking you what shell I think. capish?
lorddarq's avatar
do you think that beeing arrogant,alone is enough to win a competition ? good luck then !
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