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About Children of StarClan

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Children of StarClan: Champions of the Forest is a Play-By-Post Role Playing Game set in Erin Hunter's Warriors universe and geared towards the more mature roleplayer. CoSC accepts players of most writing levels (we expect basic writing skills and the ability to manage 2-3 sentence minimum posts) and any level of roleplay skill above beginner (CoSC is not geared or equipped to properly teach fundamental beginning roleplay skills, we expect you to come with them).

CoSC players are free to create a Clan cat, kittypet, or loner in a world where the kittypet once known as Rusty never set foot. Here, the happenings of the books don't exist and the forest itself is a harsher place with a more visceral, tribal vibe. This revised Warriors universe is one in which actions against the code and clan have consequences and modern human morals don't play into the choices the cats make.

- Times have grown desperate as the snow grows deep -

The thinness of prey on the ground tries the patience of every clan, challenging even the best hunters to bring home enough to feed a significant number of cats. The omen of Tiger's Wrath having a brutal arrival has come to pass by way of a 4 day blizzard. And the dark of the blizzard has given way to sickness on the far side as the brutal cold eats away at the already weakened health of the clans.

- CoSC Hopes You Will Join Us! -

We are proud to offer the following Perks!

* A unique take on the warriors world that provides a more visceral, realistic world.
* High standards of respect to powerplay and character development
* Unique IC Groups (Cats of Camelot, Caligula's Cabal) with their own story-lines and effects on the world.
* The freedom to build up and create IC groups, but strict standards requiring them to fit the world.

Visit us at !

Game Members
dA-username is CoSC-username

Kitsufox is Kitsufox

TakaraLioness is Nagini

aquaswiftarrow is Bananaseb
Kaz3383 is Kazul
Luoka is Luokanami
Sahena is Sahena

Unidentified or Defunct Members:
Raven-Li is Fernwhisker
MaiaxDale is Wildlark
CelesteStorywriter is Quackfruit
HeartOfADemon is IcePool
Hawky-Star is Starry Hawk

If your dA account is on this list but not paired to a CoSC account, please let me know what the correct match is.


CoSC - RiverClan Map by Kitsufox CoSC - RiverClan Map :iconkitsufox:Kitsufox 7 0 CoSC - ThunderClan Map by Kitsufox CoSC - ThunderClan Map :iconkitsufox:Kitsufox 6 6 CoSC - Game Map by Kitsufox CoSC - Game Map :iconkitsufox:Kitsufox 10 10 The Brood of Bloodstar by ShellyTheLast The Brood of Bloodstar :iconshellythelast:ShellyTheLast 53 13


CoSC - RiverClan Map by Kitsufox
CoSC - ThunderClan Map by Kitsufox
CoSC - Game Map by Kitsufox
The Brood of Bloodstar by ShellyTheLast

Mature Content

Useful Things
CoSC - RiverClan Map by Kitsufox
CoSC - ThunderClan Map by Kitsufox
CoSC - Game Map by Kitsufox
Guide to Housecat Breeds 2 by Majnouna
The Brood of Bloodstar by ShellyTheLast
End of Sleekstar - Drawing by Kitsufox
Serendipity by Gorsecloud
Forgot what weakness was. by Raven-Li
Pixel Bases V3
SH Semi-foreign Pixel Bases by Kitsufox
SH Foreign Pixel Bases by Kitsufox
Version 2 Pixels
CoSC Pixels 2009-02-16 by Kitsufox
CoSC Pixels for 2007-01-23 by Kitsufox
CoSC Pixels 2007-01-22 by Kitsufox
CoSC Pixels 2007-01-21 by Kitsufox
I've been needing to put some news up here. Expect a more serious blog post soon

Ongoing Plots: Tiger's Wrath Arrives and Desperate Times. These plots will be wrapping soon. so keep your eyes open!

Staff Retirement: Kazul has left the staff, but is staying with the game. It's sad to see her step down, but we understand the need to focus on RL over a game.

New Staff: Fae~o~the~Wind has joined the staff at the Junior Level! Her Cedarkit is to become Medicine Cat's Apprentice of WindClan. The thread is in progress!

Do you have Questions about CoSC? Feel free to ask here! I'll do my best to give a complete answer!
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The following are members of the staff members on the main CoSC Website. Founders are Administrators. Co-founders are Assistant Admins, and Contributors are everyone else on staff.









CoSC is currently looking at affiliates. They would be role play based and preferably of the "literate" variety. We will consider higher quality art-based RPs, also. If you're interested, please send a note to Kitsufox


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warriorsSpottedfur Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
Hey cats! Well I am finally an official star clan cat in stead of half. I was killed by a dog and I am both happy and sad.Though I'm excited to be fully excepted into Star Clan.Squee Bounce I am a dummy! Clap Nod Hug +fav 
Kitsufox Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Professional General Artist
I apologize for having missed this for so long.

Please understand that this group is for art related to and we do not RP on here. We also do not RP as StarClan cats at this game, and thus CoSC may not be the game you're looking for. Hopefully you'll visit the actual site, have a peak at the rules and role-play there in text with us!
Hawky-Star Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It's me, Starry Hawk. Hiya~
Kitsufox Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Professional General Artist
Welcome to dA!
Hawky-Star Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much, Kit. =)
BaileyTrave Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Would you guys like to affiliate with my group:iconthe-lost-felidae:
SushiSumii Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi yah! #WarriorsForgottonAge is looking for Affiliates and Members! We'd be excited if your group checked us out.
Thank you for your time;
Kitsufox Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010  Professional General Artist
Are any of our CoSC Deviants interested in art contests or the like? They'd just be for bragging rights, nothing really special... But excuses to draw are always interesting, right?
Kitsufox Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2010  Professional General Artist
I'm going to assume the huge lack of people commenting on this means starting a contest is a bad idea... At least a dA based one.
Souleater17 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010  Student Writer
Yay! It's Owlwing from Cosc! Hi guys!
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