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hot damn, those Cybertron flashback scenes in the Bumblebee trailer look awesome. If they make a reboot using those designs, I'm in.
Does anyone know of a good free blog site to upload the Godzilla Creepypastas to? is down about 50% of the time I go to check it, and I'm not a big fan of either, though I have backups posted there.

EDIT: Issue resolved (maybe!)

I got two new blogs;

I'll be uploading all the NGC chapters, and then Godzilla: Replay chapters after that. Since I'm going through this anyway, I also thought I'd adjust the images, fixing small errors and making them all the same size.

It's just NGC Chapter 1 now, but I'll get to the rest later.
About 10 day's late lol

Things have gotten off to a bit of a rocky start, but hopefully this will be another good year.
I hadn't been able to access DA for the past 4 days. Glad that's over.
Been thinking it over for a while and decided to start doing commissions!

numerous options:




*Kaiju with shading and details


*Minimal shading, focus on line-art





NES Style Sprite: $10

SPRITE SHEET: Base price is $30, but could be more or less depending on the character design, and the amount of animations needed, etc.

Note: Finished commissions may be uploaded to Deviantart, specify if you don't want yours to be.
my resolution is to get Godzilla Replay done lol
Break out the merlot, it's Spooky godzilla time!!! is working again. Though given the track record, it's liable to crap out again at any time. Chapter 5 is going pretty well:

Kaiju combat kickstarter could use some support:
When I got to log into my dashboard now I just get a page that looks like this

I asked what the deal was on a support forum and was told

"Many hosts experienced problems due to mass attacks recently and may have limited access to wp-admin and/or wp-login.php as a result. Your hosts may be one of them. Try contacting them about it."

So I can't do anything with the Godzilla creepypasta sites for the time being, can't add chapters or approve comments. 

When Chapter 5 is released it will be on here:

The wait is over!…

EDIT: Not working at the moment because's server has shat out again....ugh.

EDIT 2: Appears to be working now.

There's rips from the game and some color edits.

Ripped all the kaiju which were;
King Ghidorah
Mecha-King Ghidorah
Super Mechagodzilla
Here's mine.

Feel free to friend request and whatnot.…
Long story short,some things messed up with my main computer and I'm not able to do anything with it at the moment. I've still got my laptop to use, but I can't access the stuff on the main pc. For example, My draft of Godzilla: Replay Chapter 4 and all the sprites were on that one. So that's held up until I can get the thing up and running again(Which bums me out because I was enthused to get that completed for New Years).
Made a quick review of the figure since I got it recently:…
Got tagged so I'm answering questions but I'm not tagging anyone else because I'm a rebel (a lazy rebel)

1. What is one fandom you would wipe off of the Earth?


2. If you could go back and change time temporarily, but keep one souvenir from that short alternate time, what would it be?

Utena the Movie 2 :P

3. Favourite monster archetype ever?

Not sure if this counts but I'd say the "Transformed Villain", that is whenver a normally humanoid villain changes into a more monstrous form to battle his enemies. "Behold my true form and despair!"

4. What was your 'title' in middle school? (ie, the cool kids, nerds, class clown, etc.)

It was definitely nerd.

5. You have to choose between cancelling your favourite TV series/website/comic ever, or killing the last panda on Earth. Wat do?

Pandas are overrated.

6. Best creepypasta ever read?…

7. That one idea you've always thought was great but never had the time/means/skill to make?

Mystery, a story about a half angel who comes into conflict with a disguised devil who wants him dead. I've been wanting to make into an animated film since the early 2000's and it's still hanging around in the back of my mind.

8. What would you do if you found scientific proof that baby did in fact have back?

move to canada

9. Were is teh forumla?

Dr xolta has it

10. What is an animal that would look terrifying if you removed a single feature from it?

A horse, the feature would be the musculature that hides it's skull structure.
I wondered if I would be able to make a decent game in just 1 day, so I gave it a shot. As the title suggests, the game is based on Normal Porn for Normal People.

So download and enjoy 4 exciting levels of platformer action! Several minutes worth of fun!

The url is "… "

Also for the game to play, make sure you have python26.dll in the same place as the exe.
Just watched the last episode of Hokuto no Ken/Fist of The North Star yesterday. Wow, what a great series that was. Highly recommended!
Or "Merry Day After Christmas" rather.
This just didn't do it for me. Aside from a few little CGI tricks like the mirrored sky and the anti-gravity, there wasn't anything I haven't seen before.

We don't get to know anything about the characters besides Dicaprio, and all we know about him is his whole struggle with the memory of his dead wife (Didn't like it in Shutter Island, didn't like it here), which is largely uncompelling and seems like a distraction from the main plot, she becomes more of an annoyance with every scene.

The main plot which is, that our protagonists are going to go into dreams of the son of a wealthy businessman so that he'll split up his father's company so the Japanese guy can take it over. Wow, very noble. Let's ruin the life of an innocent man who's father just died! Because you'll get a lot of money!

Oh, and Dicaprio will also get to go home to see his kids. Maybe. Well, that totally makes up for it!

And the dreams themselves have all these pointless rules, and for the limitless potential dreams have they seem to go for the absolute minimum in Inception. Funny how that whole "dream big" and summon whatever weapon you want thing doesn't seem to apply when they actually need it.
And why limit themselves to weapons that actually exist anyway?

As for the whole dream within a dream, it felt like the movie was becoming convoluted for the sake of being convoluted. The thing about "if you die in this dream you go to Limbo" was a laughable attempt at making conflict. Really, why would being in a dream have all these restrictive, stupid rules. It's a dream!

So Fischer gets killed in the 3rd level of his dream and ends up in...Cobb's subconscious? Why? Because we needed a climax scene with his dead wife. Sigh.

But, at least the music was good.