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Spore NGC

By CosbyDaf
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These didn't translate too well, but i gave it a shot.
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All of them look creepy, literally, no joke
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Honestly, this version of Red looks creepier than the 8-bit Red.
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red looks adorable in this
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I know this is old, but wow! This is amazing :iconimcryingsomuchplz:

I've been playing Spore for a while, can I have your username?
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why does red look cute?
Shadoboy's avatar
"Run, please?"
BaganSmashBros's avatar
Your Reds are so cute! Can i have one?
I made Red`s final form with loud, mixed roar. Story was fun until Kill Yourself! text. Then, i used Ctrl+A to make some scenes not to scary. But ending wasn`t good. It was weird.
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The mini-Reds look like they could be his army of mooks or something. :0
Dreamweaver100's avatar
You know, what with their big faces, curious expressions, and overall "guppy"-ish appearance. Or is that just me? :/
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Now that you mention it, they do look like some bizarre "cutesy kid's show" version of Red.
Dreamweaver100's avatar
Candle Cove, anyone?
Sorry, the opportunity was right there. :Y

But even as a cutesy spore creature, Red's design is still undeniably cool!
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*Challenge accepted faic*
Rexarkingdino's avatar
I'ma see if I can make Red. :3 His normal form though.
Rexarkingdino's avatar
I made the insane raptors in the Winter Forest,, the Shadow Labyrinth beasts, The Organic level boss Canidont, and the two Scorpion minibosses in the Bronze Pyramids
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How come nothing in Spore can ever be scary besides the epics?
CosbyDaf's avatar
I think a lot of it has to do with the mouths and eyes.

But with Epics, you can make anything intimidating in a game if it's XboxHueg and can one-hit kill so that's kinda like cheating.
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I didn't think it was possible for Solomon to look more Chill.
facecreep's avatar
Oh God...
Red is almost cute.
facecreep's avatar
Also, is the blue one Solomon? o3o
Migatte-no-Gokui's avatar

I'm probably wrong, but is the yellow one Usol from the sequel?
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It's supposed to be Acacius from the end of NGC, but that design turned out be very difficult to replicate in Spore.
Migatte-no-Gokui's avatar
Okay, now I see the resemblance. For some reason I kind of forgot about Acacius.
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