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NES Godzilla Kaizo

By CosbyDaf
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Pure hatred
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inferno craft > Red, warlord, any godzilla's character.

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Those 'horseshoes' are actually called Inferno craft, I saw it on the Godzilla NES creepypasta that's currently in development as sort of an archive. Anyway KILL IT WITH WATER!!!

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me vs my personal problems
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*internally screaming*
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Well fuck me I guess
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OMG! I hated those things!
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Godzilla looks scared shitless
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And the original was already annoying enough.
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"Game over man! Game Over!"

In all seriousness, those things are beyond the most annoying and rage inducing enemies from any game I've ever played! Put those in any modern day game and players would know true horror!!
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You think the mudusa heads in Castlevainia are annoying. Well guess what, these things are more annoying.
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Put in over 9000 Final Reds too.
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I hate these enemies so, so, so much. They can take you out in just one damn hit if you're not careful.
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Everyone hates them
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i hate that bastards >:C
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The Horseshoes of Death!
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If there's a Kaizo mode for the game, that would be the biggest "fuck you" right there.
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I don't think there is any technique to dodge that...
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Use the atomic breath as they start to approach and it seems to prevent death in my experience.
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Ya if your bad then you do that. If you just hop up and down you should be fine
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Oh that is a whole lot of Nope right there.
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