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:lightbulb:Please submit your photo into the right folder by searching through our list here --> and using the link behind the folder name.

Rules + Folder Guide

:bulletpurple:Cosplay pictures only. No videos, gifs or sales pictures.

:bulletpurple:Submit your picture to the right folder! Triple check all the folders before you submit so you know you got the right one!

For the full list of folders please see here:…

:bulletpurple:Decent quality, no blur. This means if your photo is all grainy, bad lighting and contrast we will decline it. You're photo does not have to be super high quality but having low quality photo's really ruins your cosplay.

:bulletpurple:Decent backgrounds. We get a lot of photo's that were taken in someone’s bedroom/living room/bathroom, these are a no-no. The background helps create what you are trying to convey to the viewer. If the background matches with the character and the show it really isn't a problem but if we feel it doesn't add anything we will decline it.

:bulletpurple:Be creative with your poses. We get a lot of pictures in which character’s poses are almost exactly the same in all of them. The only difference being the way they sit, a slight turn to the left or right or the direction they look in and so on. We will simply pick which one we like best and decline the rest since submissions like these will fill up our galleries really fast and take away from those who do try to use different poses.

:bulletpurple:Portraits. If done properly a portrait or face shot can be very pretty and better than a full body shot but we often get these pictures in which we can't even tell who the person is really cosplaying. Sure it is added in the description but if you can't immediately tell who the character is that is being cosplayed it ruins the photo instantly. The purpose of this group is to show off costumes, which is hard to do if we can't…well…see your costume.

:bulletpurple:As a follow up on the above rule: We have to be able to tell who you are cosplaying even if it is a full body shot. If we cannot clearly see your face and you are cosplaying someone with simple clothes (like jeans and a shirt) then it will be very hard to tell who you are cosplaying and we will decline.

:bulletpurple:Photos with people on the background who have nothing to do with a cosplay or characters themselves have to go to Conventions Folder here…. The main focus has to be on the cosplay. No overly cluttered photos (pictures with a lot of people in the background. A few is okay, try to crop to center on the main focus of the picture though). Crossover pictures go into this folder as well.

What you post on your on DA account is all up to you but if you want people to look at your photo's via groups and really notice you then try submit decent photo's. Cos-Cross-Play is not a group where you can just dump all your photo's even the not so decent ones. It takes away from the people who try to produce decent photo's going as far as to scout for locations and such.

Therefore we will be keeping a closer eye on the quality of the photo's. We will also be going through the gallery to remove any photo that does not live up to the standards.

:bulletpurple:And last but not least: Please be respectful towards staff and members. Treat others with the same respect you would like. Any disrespect or insulting message in the club will be dealt with accordingly.


Here are the most common questions we get - "Frequently Asked Questions". Please read these through. If you still wonder something, send our group a note please.

:bulletpink:Q #1: Can I join?
:bulletblue:A: Of course! Everyone is auto-accepted. Just hit the "join our group" button located in the section to the left on our front page.

:bulletpink:Q #2: Is my cosplay welcome in this group?
:bulletblue:A: Sure, this is a group for Everyone of All skill levels. We think everyone deserves to have their work featured. Just make sure your entries are clear and follow the group rules, then submit to the correct folder, and we will accept.

:bulletpink:Q #3: Where do I submit?
:bulletblue:A: We have a fairly easy folder system, every generic folder has list of sub-folders inside it. For the full list please see… .

:bulletpink:Q #4: I'm sorry, I submitted to the wrong folder, how can I fix this?
:bulletblue:A: No worries, it happens to all of us. Just withdraw it, and after that you can re-submit to the correct folder.

:bulletpink:Q #5: How do I withdraw something?
:bulletblue:A: You will find all your submissions to groups in your "Correspondence" folder in your Message Center, just find the one to our group and simply hit "withdraw".

:bulletpink:Q #6: I have deleted my correspondence messages, can I still withdraw my work?
:bulletblue:A: Yes you can, just click on the "Deviation submission process" link that you can find in the very top of the withdrawal-message you got from us.

:bulletpink:Q #7: My submission expired?
:bulletblue:A: We apologise, it does happen sometimes as admins can be attending a con, away on holiday or absent due to some other life commitments. We will add your expired photo into our gallery and you will receive a feature request from us, alternatively you can re-submit your work again yourself.

:bulletpink:Q #8: What happens if I don't withdraw my wrongfully submitted entry?
:bulletblue:A: Your submission won't be in our gallery before we have accepted it so if you don't withdraw, your entry will expire, and then you will have to wait before you can re-submit something. Withdrawing a submission cancels the process, and gives you your submission slot back.

:bulletpink:Q #9: How do I know when I last submitted something to the group?
:bulletblue:A: Go to our front page, and check the "Activity" widget right above the comments section, your avatar should be in the list and you can see how long it's been since you last submitted something.

:bulletpink:Q #10: My cosplay outfit is a Manga version but the relevant folder is under Anime/Game. Where do I submit?
:bulletblue:A: Your picture has to go under the relevantly named folder, no matter which version of the outfit is portrayed. (As an example Manga outfit of Sailor Moon that is not in Anime still has to go to Sailor Moon sub-folder under Anime). Reason for this is, we group submissions for ease of browsing. So if anyone is looking for a Sailor Moon cosplay can click on the folder and see all the relevant cosplay pictures.
We can’t afford to have multiple folders of the same thing under different groups, it will just get confusing. Hence we select the biggest or most well know gender of a particular anime/game/manga and file the sub-folder there. (i.e. Pokemon is both big as a Game and as an Anime but we chose to file it under Game because the game came out first).



Gallery Folders

Cosplay of the month contest
Theme Contest
Darkstalkers by Satomi-Tadashi
Dgm - Alongside - by Yamane
No.6: Magic by general-kuroru
Giselle by MysteriousMaemi
Icon Contest
Contest winners
mastermind by Pentragon1990
The fallen angel - Yoshiko Tsushima cosplay by Voldiesama
Agape by TaryBelmont
Ruri Gokou - Kuroneko - cosplay by AnitramNoriko
Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark: Tower of Joy. by Fealin-Meril
Lyanna Stark: Tower of Joy. by Fealin-Meril
Rhaegar Targaryen, Lyanna Stark by Fealin-Meril
Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark by Fealin-Meril
Mabel Pines | Shooting Star | II by Wings-chan
Dipper Pines | I by Wings-chan
Pacifica Elise Northwest | I by Wings-chan
Ladybug - Coming after you by SoraPaopu
Mystery by Kazuki-Fuchouin
Sakura hime tsubasa reservoir chronicle by Makicreazion
Sakura tsubasa fan by Makicreazion
CardCapror Sakura : 47 by Amapolchen
Red Robin Arkham City Cosplay - shall we dance? by Tenraii
Elfquest: Dreamberries! by DashaOcean
Marvel: Miss America Chavez 3 by Amapolchen
Business Fish by Shazzsteel
Love Live! School Idol Project: Little lavender by direwolveScosPHOTO
Pulsian Huntress by RachAsakawa
Lolita and Geisha Fashion
Aristocrat 5 by Enolla
Kaichou wa Maid-sama cosplay by KayladFrost
Rey and the Stormtropper by Makicreazion
Sakai Mitsuki | Sakuragarami ver [2] by piyu-kotodama
Cartoon by Kazuki-Fuchouin
The Clarent, Mordred Sword by GS-PROPS
Studio Ghibli
Nausicaa : Toxic by y-o-s-s-i
How it's made: N7 helmet - SAO duet craft by ErikDesler
TV Show
Ngila Dickson Tribute by Nanatanebramorte


We are happy you are a part of this group and we value and appreciate all our members greatly.

Thank you for reading all of the above rules and following them. We are also hoping to see you participate in our contests.


And if you need any assistance please note the group where one of our lovely team members will be able to help you!









Our lovely donators

:iconchaobreeder16: :icondennyboy87: :iconnatsuno-yuuki: :iconshadowzyn: :iconflyaway-dragonfly::iconshadowsmask::iconjusnoneko::iconbukashka::iconrina-hatakeda::iconkiinarasawa::iconbluetie:

Thank you to our biggest sponsor!

Icon contest winners

:thumb503343320: LoL: Whatever, let's just start shooting! by Tamiko-Yatsuki Final Fantasy XIII: Oerba Yun Fang. Wanna fight? by ElenaLeetah

Halloween Contest Winners


Hi Everyone!

:lightbulb: Icon Contest Winners:

:bulletpurple: Sorry about the belated announcement! For various reasons, our admin were delayed in voting for their choices, so we couldn't get our final winners decided until now. Due to that, our new icon will stay in place throughout February as well as through the rest of January. At the beginning of February, we will open up the new Icon Contest for you all to submit to (and there will be a journal announcement about that!). The winners of the winter contest will be announced then as well. But without further ado, here are the winners of this month's Icon Contest!

:thumb503343320: CreativeConfusionKia

LoL: Whatever, let's just start shooting! by Tamiko-Yatsuki Tamiko-Yatsuki

Final Fantasy XIII: Oerba Yun Fang. Wanna fight? by ElenaLeetah ElenaLeetah

There weren't very many submissions this time around, but those that were submitted were all great, and we had a very difficult time deciding which ones to feature. Thank you to everyone who did submit!

Have a nice day!
~The Cos-Cross-Play staff

More Journal Entries


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