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Beauty and the Beast by Suki-Manga
I know my value by Asbelial
Arachne by Elsa-Cosplay
Deathclaw Waiting at Dragon*Con ~ Version One by DimHorizonStudio
Anime and Manga
I am god's warrior by GirlanTesshue
Mordred armor cosplay - Fate/Apocrypha Red Saber by DrosselTira
Reisen Udongein Inaba by jurisdictia
Ruby Rose by IlunaNeko
BloodRayne by MariannaInsomnia
Kai'Sa by Leontha
Assassin's Creed: Origins /Bayek cosplay by BlinksCosCave
Miku Hatsune School Uniform by jurisdictia
DEADPOOL and Punisher by Darth-Slayer
Ladybug - I got a secret by SoraPaopu
Harley Quinn (N52) and The Joker (B:TAS) by ThePuddins
Miraculous Ladybug | Marinette | II by Wings-chan
Film, Music and Television
Doctor who weeping angel wig tutorial by mizueyes777
Ariel Disney Cosplay By Auris Lothol by Auris-Lothol
My dream, your nightmare by s1mulation0ne
Literature Inspired
Enjolras by AnnaProvidence
Saga o wiedzminie - Yennefer by GreatQueenLina
PJ-HoO: Piper McLean by Ichigo-Chocolate
The Mad Queen by biancabellalove
Originals Characters and Other Media
Dragoness OC Cosplay by timeless-anarchy
Archer!Leafeon - Diligence by mihoyonagi
Searching for thee by seseostara
Photo Shoot / Practice expressions by VisualStudioHydra
Anime and Manga II
Lilimon (2) by PicaraNara
Reira Serizawa cosplay by onlycyn
Mumei | Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress by thelittlesprout
Endou Saya 5 - Coffee shop girl by simakai
Videogames II
''I will follow you down the path you've chosen.'' by HystericalDemon
Battleship Damage by yamihoshi123
Jill Valentine STARS Arrange cosplay IX by Rejiclad
Melody of the forest by Crescent-Winged
Film, Music and Television II
| Let's Just Live | RWBY Cosplay Group | by OhMyEggs
soldiers III by wanderer1988
Morticia Addams by ThePuddins
Ariel -  The Little Mermaid 6 by Cheza-Flower
Anime and Manga III
Good time! by ConnyMi
Videogames III
Juliet Starling cosplay  by Ytka Matilda by YtkaMatilda
Anime and Manga IV
Koyuki - Takagaki Kaede by Nlghtmal2e
Videogames IV
Merrill with Reindeer 3 - Dragon Age II cosplay by LuckyStrikeCosplay
Anime and Manga V
Sawamura Daichi by lethargic-angel
Anime and Manga VI
Have you been a bad boy? by Nazaret-MNOG
Anime and Manga VII
Duck Chips by SinfulVoice

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Lost in Never Never by scruffyrebel Lost in Never Never :iconscruffyrebel:scruffyrebel 185 22 Sol Badguy - Riot by AmenoKitarou Sol Badguy - Riot :iconamenokitarou:AmenoKitarou 111 80 After Battle by LinkInSpirit After Battle :iconlinkinspirit:LinkInSpirit 303 61 Ciel: my Time of Dying by chibinis-chan Ciel: my Time of Dying :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 843 139 Togainu no Chi: Shiki by haraju2girls Togainu no Chi: Shiki :iconharaju2girls:haraju2girls 130 43 Shadow by KALICOSPLAY Shadow :iconkalicosplay:KALICOSPLAY 109 28 Wait Forever by winged-maniac Wait Forever :iconwinged-maniac:winged-maniac 93 11 King n Queen by hellsign King n Queen :iconhellsign:hellsign 34 7 Kreek: Windswept by CuriousCreatures Kreek: Windswept :iconcuriouscreatures:CuriousCreatures 33 6 Mira again by Giorgiacosplay Mira again :icongiorgiacosplay:Giorgiacosplay 233 24 Amazoness Quartet by gale583 Amazoness Quartet :icongale583:gale583 81 16 Guardin me plant by Arizzel Guardin me plant :iconarizzel:Arizzel 95 88 Alice in Wonderland by EllaryRose Alice in Wonderland :iconellaryrose:EllaryRose 726 76 The X Men by yayacosplay The X Men :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 986 98 Disgaea 3  Raspberyl cosplay by Shiya Disgaea 3 Raspberyl cosplay :iconshiya:Shiya 284 50 Brother Fight by RacoonFactory Brother Fight :iconracoonfactory:RacoonFactory 71 11



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Hello all and welcome!

Here at Cos-Club we live to support worldwide cosplay. We are here to create a place were cosplayers and photographers can meet, share their work and find out about cosplay events world wide!


:bulletgreen:Submissions are limited to 1 per week per person.

:bulletgreen:Please only submit a couple pictures of the same costume.

:bulletgreen:Please submit your pictures to the proper gallery. The categories are there for a reason.

NOTE: submissions belong in the gallery where the character or series originated from.
For example all Final Fantasy/Pokemon belong in Videogames,
Anything Last Air Bender/My Little Pony belongs in Film/Music/Television
Anything based on DC/Marvel or any other comics such as Batman/Ironman/Watchmen/Avengers/Walking Dead belongs in Comics
And anything based on Alice in Wonderland/Harry Potter/LotR/Hobbit/Game of Thrones/ Sherlock Holmes/Howl's Moving Castle belongs in Literature
regardless of which medium your costume is actually based on.

:bulletred:VOCALOID AND BLACK ROCK SHOOTER should be submitted to the Film, Music and Television category.:bulletred:

:bulletgreen:Try to keep your photos tasteful, this means no graphically sexual pictures and nothing overtly offensive.

:bulletgreen:Photos that show the majority of your cosplay/costume are greatly preferred, photos which do not show enough of the costume may be refused. Entirely photo-shopped cosplays are not allowed.

:bulletgreen:Unfortunately we do not accept pictures of costume pieces or costumes on dress forms.

:bulletgreen:Also we do not accept pictures of works in progress.

:bulletgreen:Do not remove pieces of work from the gallery and then resubmit them. If you do, your submissions will not be approved.

If you have any questions, complaints of concerns please send them to the club as a note, not post them on the comments section of the main page.

Have fun and we can't wait to see your stuff!








Hello all!
The-Cosplay-Scion here just wanting to give you a little bit of news (and a bit of an apology) Given that the holidays are quite busy for all the mods here we have fallen a bit behind in our accepting of submissions over the last week or so. We will be getting to that back log of submission starting now, but to avoid completely flooding peoples feeds we will only be accepting 50 a day for the next little while, starting with the oldest ones submitted.

This will mean some of your submissions may take a while to appear in our galleries, especially new ones submitted in the near future. We do greatly apologies for any inconvenience this may cause people and should any submission sent to the club happen to expire please send us a message letting us know and one of the staff will add you piece to our gallery right away!

I do hope everyone has had a wonderful holidays as we here at Cos-Club have and we hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year!

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