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Well its been a while.

Some interesting turn of events over the past 3-7 months. But regardless of the ups and downs I am back among the living...dead that is.

You know people are constantly telling me that I should stop having such a negative outlook on the world, draw something that doesn't include death or gore, and be happy for those around you. You know what I say to that? Fuck That. I am not a negative person, I just see the real, the dirty, the plague, and the lies that this world is built around. It's called living without the veil cast over your eyes to hide the ugly that we all live within. You want a wake up call?

"You spoon fed us Saturday morning mouthfuls of maggots and lies, Disguised in your sugary breakfast cereals, The plates you made us clean were filled with your fears, These things have hardened in our soft pink bellies, We are what you have made us, We have grown up watching your television, We are a symptom of your christian America, the biggest Satan of all, This is your world in which we grow, and we will grow to hate you."

Memorize that quote from 'Mother Inferior Got Her Gun'. Get off your ass, stop living within the lies you have blindly followed like a lemming, and see the real world.

Recently, I got both good news and bad news...from two totally different aspects of my past, both involving past relationships. I spent the majority of the day laughing my ass off. Why? Because there is nothing that shocks or awes me anymore. I should be happy for both people because even though the one instance was bad news it has a good outcome...but I honestly feel nothing in regards to both. My daughter had it right in working on that one piece together. With the exception of my daughter, I have become 'dead inside' to love, hate, and any emotions other than my own personal happiness.

I am back working again on artwork for a local band, I have an art exhibit coming up later this year, and my daughter is kicking ass in sports, school, and her personal life. Life could not be any better at this point.

Some might say these are the rambling of someone having gone insane or crazy. Well seeing as how I have had my head shrunk, I can honestly say, nope. Clean bill of health there...the difference is I finally woke up and found my own happiness. Having found a true release to my aggression and my stress.

New artwork coming soon....and by mid August I should have a Cintiq finally.
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