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Well it has been a long time since I have posted anything new.

I finally have a Cintiq Tablet. I have to say I don't know how I worked prior to having one. It has made working on designs 1000 times easier. I have multiple designs in the works already. My first new piece is already posted.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding new artwork to my gallery.
Well its been a while.

Some interesting turn of events over the past 3-7 months. But regardless of the ups and downs I am back among the living...dead that is.

You know people are constantly telling me that I should stop having such a negative outlook on the world, draw something that doesn't include death or gore, and be happy for those around you. You know what I say to that? Fuck That. I am not a negative person, I just see the real, the dirty, the plague, and the lies that this world is built around. It's called living without the veil cast over your eyes to hide the ugly that we all live within. You want a wake up call?

"You spoon fed us Saturday morning mouthfuls of maggots and lies, Disguised in your sugary breakfast cereals, The plates you made us clean were filled with your fears, These things have hardened in our soft pink bellies, We are what you have made us, We have grown up watching your television, We are a symptom of your christian America, the biggest Satan of all, This is your world in which we grow, and we will grow to hate you."

Memorize that quote from 'Mother Inferior Got Her Gun'. Get off your ass, stop living within the lies you have blindly followed like a lemming, and see the real world.

Recently, I got both good news and bad news...from two totally different aspects of my past, both involving past relationships. I spent the majority of the day laughing my ass off. Why? Because there is nothing that shocks or awes me anymore. I should be happy for both people because even though the one instance was bad news it has a good outcome...but I honestly feel nothing in regards to both. My daughter had it right in working on that one piece together. With the exception of my daughter, I have become 'dead inside' to love, hate, and any emotions other than my own personal happiness.

I am back working again on artwork for a local band, I have an art exhibit coming up later this year, and my daughter is kicking ass in sports, school, and her personal life. Life could not be any better at this point.

Some might say these are the rambling of someone having gone insane or crazy. Well seeing as how I have had my head shrunk, I can honestly say, nope. Clean bill of health there...the difference is I finally woke up and found my own happiness. Having found a true release to my aggression and my stress.

New artwork coming soon....and by mid August I should have a Cintiq finally.
It has been a long time since I last posted anything. I have been busy with life, work, and being a parent. I do have a few new pieces to add in the near future, though. Recently, I started working with the local band Blistered Earth a little more closely. I have taken over website management for the band. Over the last 3 weeks I have been working on a major site redesign, which once finished I will post a link to that site here. The band loves the new design and I am anxious to get it finished and posted.

Still haven't gotten my Cintiq Tablet yet. I had to put that on hold to save up to buy my daughter her first car. Hopefully by fall I will be able to get one though.
For two days now I have been listening to the new Anthrax album 'Worship Music'. Best album they have done since 'Persistence of Time' when Joey was dismissed from the band. Now that he is back after 20 some years, you can tell he was a huge piece of the puzzle that made Anthrax interesting. The new album rocks from beginning to end. For years my favorite Anthrax song has been 'Be All, End All' but now I have to make room for two new favorites 'In The End' and 'I'm Alive'...just incredible songs. I hope Anthrax sees some major success finally from this album...they are long over due....and better than most of the crap you hear on the local rock stations these days.

'In The End' Lyrics...…

'I'm Alive' Lyrics...…
My daughter started high school this morning. And in 17 days is eligible for her learners permit to start driving. I am so not ready for all of this. I miss being depended on.
Dead Inside (B&W) is now posted...the colorized versions (mine and my daughters watercolor) are in the works.

Upcoming Designs....

ObzeRve may have died out but my friend Shane keeps on writing new material. His latest song 'Passed Up' hits really close to home for me. I'm not sure if he wrote that song about my life over the past few years or about his own past. Either way it has inspired a new piece that I have in the works. The song is about a mans loss of his true love, his aftermath in a living hell, the meaning of life and love, and the ex-girlfriend realizing her regret to what she 'Passed Up".

ILWTD is short for 'In Love With The Devil' it's another of my unfinished ObzeRve pieces that got started shortly before they disbanded. I was in the middle of coloring the final version when they broke up. It is my first piece done 100% in vector graphics. ILWTD is about humanities constant fascination with everything society deems as bad or evil. People are so adamant about their political and religious beliefs and the evils that it borders on a love for those things. Thus, we are all ...In Love With The Devil.

Both of these pieces should be ready to go sometime before the end of the month. No guarantees though...with all of the free time I have anymore I'll be working on one piece and stop to sketch out a new one that popped into my head. Got to sketch em out while they are fresh or you lose them.

I am currently listening to a lot of ObzeRve/SS Demos...and the more well known We Butter the Bread With Butter...strange band name but killer tunes.
About two weeks ago my 14yr. old daughter brought me an idea she has for an art piece....last night the collaboration on designing it started.

A bit about my daughter...she has really started to become my own personal 'Mini-Me'. Over the last year or so she has switched to listening to mostly the same music I do...heavy metal, rock, goth, death metal...all of it pretty much. And she has taken to watching a lot of horror movies, which I have a very large collection of on DVD. Recently, she found Marilyn Manson's online gallery of his watercolor paintings. My daughter has never been the artistic type, but something about his watercolor paintings inspired her to try her hand at it...she surprised herself and me...she actually has some artistic talent.

The piece we are collaborating on will take a little time to get put together but I can say this much...sketching out the basic design last night the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up with how creeped out I was about the design. I thought I had some sick and twisted thoughts in my head...her idea for this design is right up there with my way of thinking.

Her idea for this design is based loosely on the song 'Dead Inside' by Mudvayne. Once it is completed I will post the black and white inked, my color version, and then her watercolor version.
I seem to have finally shaken off some of the stress I have been dealing with over the past 2-3 hit me so hard back in February that I was rushed to the ER (thought I was having a heart attack, turned out that my stress level was almost to the breaking limit)...and up til about a month ago I have had a serious case of artist/creative block. But over the past couple of weeks it's like a fire has been lit under my a** and I am on fire getting pieces old and new finished up. By the end of this weekend I hope to have finished and posted at least two more of my older designs that I had started back in 2010 for the band ObzeRve before they disbanded. I stopped working on the pieces because without the band it seemed pointless to continue working on the designs. But earlier this week I got to looking at them both and decided they deserve getting completed. Both of which would have made sick t-shirt designs.

One of them is based on the song 'Inspired' which is about a doctor inspiring his patent not committing suicide to ease his bodily pains. The band actually recorded this track in the studio, I was there for the recording session. (Being in the studio watching a band record tracks is some of the best fun I have ever had) I would explain the design but the design speaks for itself...most people will get it just by looking at the imagery...some don't get it til hearing the lyrics or having it explained. I will make sure to post the lyrics in the description.

The other design is based on an unreleased rough demo of the song 'In Love With The Devil'. My understanding of this song or how I read the messege in the song is how as a society our fear of evil, religion, politics, and everything else that we stress out over and taught that is evil or bad...that fear is so strong that it is almost a love of those things. The design ended up being a suicide bombing nun holding various religious and political icons on necklace chains...The black vector work is finished on this piece I just need to color and stipple the design.
I added a few older designs this morning before leaving for work. Over the next week I will be posting even more.
Just added 6 of my personal pieces to the Personal Artwork Gallery Folder.
I started this page over a year ago and I finally have a scanner to start scanning in my work. I have a piece I am working desperately to finish today. Once it is finished I will be scanning in my completed works later this afternoon or evening. So please bare with me...

First of all, thanks to those that visit my DeviantArt page.

I am sorry there is currently no artwork posted. I am working on getting a scanner large enough to scan my pieces in without cropping. Once I have a way to post my artwork that will show off the amount of detail that has gone into each piece I will have them posted for viewing.