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Passed Up

"Passed Up"

Is based off of a new song my friend Shane Stephens wrote for his solo project. The song itself according to Shane is loosely based off what he knows of my past relationships. The rest is based on his own exploits.

The first half of the song is from my past having lost a relationship with the perfect woman, the hell I went through when it ended, the changes in my life I have made from those mistakes, and the ongoing hell I am still going through because nobody compares.

The second half of the song is from Shane's past as to the ex-girlfriend realizing what she has missed out on by walking away. The life he would have provided for her.

The piece I designed is taken from the following line of lyrics:

"pain, death, hate, shame, and insecurity, constant rain from the black cloud you put over me, my life has been a living hell without you."

I have to give my friend props for his ability to write ballads that know how to stick you with a knife and slowly turn it until it draws out every last drop of blood, sweat, and tears.
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