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This is very well done, nice work and very professional. Keep on painting, be blessed.

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HERE'S YOUR MAGIC PLACESparkle out of the hat 
The technique used is to make the colors pale ...; also the effect of unifying nuances.
Dark bluish violaceous tones are noted framing the scene ...; in the center highlights the luminosity;it  appears to have used a radial gradient.
The whole piece has incredible mystical expression...;The beautiful female protagonist located to the left of the composition, focuses
her mystical gaze towards the raven with lively brightness green...; we can see magic powders which come off their wings.
The whole piece has incredible mystical expression!!!!!!!The background is blended seamlessly and seems to be part of the photo.
We admire a lovely dark  piece ;Thank You (18)for sharing it between us!!!!!!!! You are very talented!!!!!!!!!!
                                                            Stars Orange Stars Orange Stars Orange Stars Orange Stars Orange 
                                                         Magnificent dark art MAJESTIC-DA by GothLyllyOn
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amazing work dear friend :D :heart::rose:
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That's quite amazing work, love it!
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You're welcome. :)
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Wonderful artwork like the cool siggie too! Great job!
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Oh animal spirits the chaos that they can cause.

But that could explain why I've been seeing a lynx infront of my house for past 2 years whenever i was at home.
Or the lynx is attracted to my house by something. I don't feed it btw.
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fabulous work! :heart:
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so very welcome Heart

:iconburningredplz:  :icondevilheartplz:   Jenn  Pjenz By Katzaphire-danpvtj by pjenz    :icondevilheartplz:  :iconburningredplz:
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Nice meeting you here.
I see we have good taste in art!
Have a nice day.
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you as well :)
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