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Potsticker Official Anatomy Sheet

Hello everyone I'm back and I bring a Gift :3c new species! 

Potstickers (common name; the legal name is Jaichi) are friendly, but mischevious spirits that can be manifested or born; they are an open species, with only those hard rules at the bottom to make your Potsticker a pure-bred bonafied Potsticker! That very last rule is the only rule that will face a ban/blacklist if violated.

Species references and F2U Base:

  Potsticker Official Trait Sheet by corust       Chai Reference by corust      F2U Potsticker Base by corust

Group I'm still working on:



Potstickers can be any sex/gender they want to call themselves as; they have no societal hang-ups with their gender in relation to whatever genitals they have on their bodies.

Potstickers are omnivorous, but have a preference for raw meat if given the option; their jaws are extremely flexible and can swallow prey 4x the size of their head whole.

Anywhere between 4-7 feet for their anthro forms, their feral forms rarely reach more than 2 feet in length.

Weighing in between 50-200 lbs; Potstickers are light on their feet and more magically inclined members of their species actually float as opposed to walking. 

From manifestation/birth, Potstickers are ageless in the sense that their bodies to not wear down. Older members who tire of life will recede into their containers in their most spiritual form, to sleep an eternity. Disrupting one of these Elders from their rest is anywhere from extremely rude to downright dangerous, as the Elder in question may react violently to being awoken.

How are they made?
Potstickers can either randomly manifest (they are infamous for manifesting in containers that regularly come in contact with food, hence the common name!) in any container big enough to hold them, or they can be born from another Potsticker.

-Manifesting: Potstickers who manifest come directly from the spirit world to coalese in a jelly-like state to any container they like the best. For example, if you were sitting down to a nice hot mug of coffee, and look in your mug to see what looks like a brightly colored, translucent blob, congratulations! You now have a Potsticker who's claimed your mug. This first manifesting is known as placendius and your mug now needs to be given over to the proper Potstickers and humans who will take care of it from there. The newly coalesced Potsticker will take a few days to decide what they want to look like on the physical plane, and are considered as intellegent as a human, if a bit feral. Once they have a body and become sapient, they will be taught to enter society; the places who collect placendius and teach the new Potstickers are considered something like a halfway house or school. 

-Born: Potstickers are capable of breeding, and often have heat cycles. Potstickers lay leathery eggs in clutches of 1-3 with a gestation of 50-60 days, and another 90 days of incubation. Close to hatching day, the parents will surround the eggs with a number of containers for the newly hatched to bond to. Newborn pups can be a bit picky, so parents tend to have a wide variety of containers for their pup's spirits to run into. It's extremely rare, but not completely unheard of where a newborn pup will be too picky and not find a container in time, and their spirit will die as they look for one they like. After hatching, the pups take a few days to manifest their bodies; however, unlike placendius, their bodies are not fully matured, and instead resemble miniature puppies or kittens. They grow rapidly, maturing to adulthood within 2 years of hatching and leaving their parents care soon after as fully-grown adults.

What body types can I make?
Any anthro-type body is acceptable!

What are their Feral forms?
Their feral forms are simplified (chibified) versions of their anthro forms; this is considered their more "spiritual" forms, and they often float around on air or ride their companion's shoulders instead of physically walking in this form.

What happens when they go into their containers?
In most cases, their container is too small for either form to fit into comfortably. To fit into it, they'll reduce themsleves further, into a living, single-coloured jello-like creature. This is considered their most spirit-like form, and in this form they are at their most vulnerable. This form resembles a large, gelatinous grub with a bulbous tail; in this form, they are always in their container, like a hermit crab. 

Can they switch containers?
Yes! If they see a container they'd rather bond to, they'll take it home and put the two containers as close as possible to eachother. They'll then reduce themselves to their ectoplasmic state inside their old container, and crawl over into the new container like a hermit crab switching shells. This can be done alone, but most like to have a friend over to watch so nothing goes wrong. 

Can I make a feral/anthro only Potsticker?
All Potstickers can change forms, but some choose to live only as anthro, or as feral. They're equally comfortable in either form!
Can I be a Guest Artist?
Absolutely! Contact me if interested ^^

How smart are they?
Human like intellegence when fully matured.

What are the rules for Containers?
The general rule of thumb is if it can hold water, it will hold a Potsticker! However, large containers are considered cumbersome to lug around (like wok pans or cauldrons) and overly small containers are considered cramped (like lockets or mini glass bottles); keep mobility and durability of your Container in mind! Potstickers have a wide variety of preferences, but glass/pottery seems to be the most common, with iron/metal the second most common, wood and stone being a bit uncommon and shells/bone being rare on account that most Potstickers consider bonding to parts of a dead animal obscene. 

How do you kill a Potsticker? 
Potstickers souls reside in their Container, they cannot go outside of 30 ft. from their Container. If they are seperated farther than that, their bodies start to disintigrate. If they go too long/ their container is too far away, their body will die and their spirit will flee back into their container to re-make their body. This is an extremely painful and traumatising event for a Potsticker, but they will live past it. However, if their container is shattered or breaks, then their body immediately dies and their spirit frantically searches for the first container that will hold them. If there is no container, or they were already in their ectoplasmic form when the container broke, then they will die a true death. 

Can they make hybrids?
Yes! They are a... salicious... species and hybrid Potstickers are common! What the children will like is a bit of a toss up depending on the other species, but the only rule pretaining to hybrids is that the other species must be anthro of some form. (for example, Potsticker/Fox hybrids would count as sexualizing their feral forms, but Potsticker/Anthro-Fox hybrids are perfectly fine)

Can they have boobs?
Yes. Itty Bitty Titty or Absolute Bahonkadonks. Idc go ham lol

Do they wear clothes?
Yes! They usually wear clothes humans would wear; but a vast majority keep their containers in a satchel, purse, or on their belt in a sling of sorts. 

What does their junk look like?
Anything that would be fitting of adult genitalia; normal human, alien, hybrid, monstrous, male, female, a mix up of both, none at all, the decision is in your capable lil hands. 

I have a question but I don't see it on the FAQ!
Comment below and I'll reply to your comment and repost your question on the FAQ c:

I made one! Can I tag you?
Absolutely! I really want to see what ya'll make from these babs!

Can I make adopts?
Yes! You don't have to come for me for approval once you make them; but be sure to tag me when you post because I want to see all the new babs 👀


- a group of Potstickers is called a bowl
- they can regrow limbs/bodyparts; as long as their organs aren't completely pulverised or their skulls utterly smashed they'll be fine; gore artists I'm lookin at u 👀
- Potstickers based on food have parts of them that are edible and grow back! Don't ask why.  Magic ✨ (it's considered rude to take a bite if you're not their friend tho)
- They can use their Containers! Potstickers can use them for food, drink, plants, weed, etc.; but they normally only allow themselves to use their Containers.
- Most Potstickers are at least bilingual! All Potstickers speak some dialect of Xhoi (zo-hee), which is the language of spirits, and is used in magic. They then either learn human/other species languages from their parents, or they're taught it in the half way houses after manifesting.


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how do they talk? is like a telepathic type of things or does a mouth just form where it would be and they can just talk/eat?

do they ever open their eye?

👆I'd like to second this question!👆

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Ok this is kindof a wild question but theoretically, if the conditions were right, could a potsticker spawn into something like a computer bag or a switch case?

also what happens if one spawns into a container that gets closed (like if one generated in a box and someone closed and wrapped it up) would it be unable to form until the object is opened, or would they just like retreat??

sorry for the off the walls questions but i love these funny guys so muchhh

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Okay, I am planning on making a Potsticker/Werewolf hybrid. Since they are part werewolf, could they technically go above the height of 7ft if transformed? I am asking because I don't want to break any rules or guidelines.

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These are so good I would love to make one!!!

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Woah did you really make a hecking awesome looking species with a neat background for the public? Heroes walk among us. Man, I already have a story for one!

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Made a Boi! ^^ Would the glowing tongue be legal?

Also, Is it possible I could be a guest artist?

Papi mini ref!
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i wanna make one but i cant draw digi legs aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

grimmjowmoon's avatar

Can I commission you for one? I can’t seem to get down what I want mine to look like.

NikoS900's avatar
Like the added info for the boobies.
Absolute Bahonkadonks is peak description.
F0SSSA's avatar
oh my gesh id love to be a guest artist, if you even have them lol

this is the best open species no doubt

what if i make,,,
100000 of them?
SPXRKILL's avatar
stupid question......but...can the container be an actual fucking bong.... 
corust's avatar
YES that's actually a fairly popular choice; they'll use it as an excuse to have a fat bowl out in public xD
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Gemstuff's avatar
Oh what cuties! So happy this is an open species, tired of seeing so many cute ideas held behind paywalls and endless rules
kintsugi-kitsune's avatar
Thank you for making this an open species.
corust's avatar
Absolutely welcome; inspiration and creativity shouldn't be behind a paywall
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i made this cute ;v; design is okay?

Potsticker by Auzii00  
corust's avatar
Ooo I love their color pallet! and the banzai tree is adorable <3
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absolutely gonna make one im crying
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Oh!!, these are lovely! I'll have a lil go at one burps 
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i really shouldn't be making new characters since i have too many already, but you have convinced me otherwise good sirHat off 
an absolutely amazing species!!<3

edit: i would love to be a guest artist whenever that position opens,,<33
corust's avatar
Ahh 100% yes! Just send me a message and we can talk Heart 
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I love this ♥️ and I'm already making one lol

But I got a question: is it ok if it's not super skinny???
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