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Spiders !


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Here's my entry for the Deviant Art Fall Horror Challenge - "Your Worst Nightmare".

While this may be a little bit more grounded than my typical nightmare, it's probably not far off.

I used to like spiders quite a bit as a kid, but a few close encounters have since left me rather... twitchy. I have to say that I had to keep my feet off the ground for most of the reference gathering.
I hope you enjoy this piece and that it gives you as much shivers as it did for me while I was painting it !

Good luck to everyone entering, and thanks for reading :)

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W o w. You just made me more scared of spiders then I already am. Good job! ☹️ *edit: AND ALSO WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT THING IN THE CORNER?!? I think this would be a great horror movie lol- Nice job :))

CortoRudant's avatar

Thanks a lot, your comment made my day 😃 !

BluNuggies's avatar

Aw your welcome :))

Papaya-Style's avatar

this is super scary, love how filled it is with all the disgusting scary legs everwhere.. great piece!

CortoRudant's avatar

Thank you very much 😄

Papaya-Style's avatar

you're welcome :D

Bracey100's avatar

Looks like you made it to the semi finals and I can see why. This is a great piece! Good luck going forward.

CortoRudant's avatar

Thanks a lot, really appreciate !

Zavellart's avatar

Yeah absolutely chilling

Blunell's avatar

Brrr, if making chills down people's spines was your goal, it certainly worked for me! :D While not being scared of spiders, I still find the biggest of them gross and wouldn't touch one, even on a dare. The composition, low Dutch angle and sense of depth in your artwork are excellent, and really add to the creepy atmosphere. I also like your clever use of light and colors. Truly a great and incredibly well-crafted work. Congrats on your semi-win, and best of luck! :)

CortoRudant's avatar

Hi Blunell, thanks a lot for your kind words, they mean a lot and are really appreciated !

All the best 😀

PktPictures's avatar

Congratulations on being named a semi-finalist!!!

CortoRudant's avatar

Oh, thank you kindly !

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