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Leather Elf Corset by Trinitynavar
Striped Corset Vest by Stahlrose
Black and gold corset by 8BluePumpkin8
All black corset by MissMaefly
Overbust Corsets
Neo Victorian Institutrice by Miss-SelfDestructive
Scarlet Witch - The Corset by Stahlrose
Twirling in the archway by giusynuno
~ Bloody bride II ~ by Alice-Corsets
Underbust Corsets
Blue on Black by MorielCorsetry
The Circus Princess Corset by Stahlrose
Underbust by yume-chan05
Steampunk by BloodyKissAtNight
Historical Corsets and Stays
Corps baleine 18eme by yume-chan05
1780's brown stays by Isiswardrobe
Victorian chemise by sombrefeline
Victorian portrait by Ryzhervind
Custom Commissions
Bard from 'Aion' ( Commission) by Stahlrose
Leather corset by BlackvelvetSITC
Leather tightlacing corset by BlackvelvetSITC
Sonja Underworld Replica by Trinitynavar
Fan Gallery
1st Corset by Azael047
Corset belt by GrimildeMalatesta
How about a color change? by GrimildeMalatesta
Victorian peacock dress by GrimildeMalatesta
Tutorials and Demos
Bunny Girl Bodysuit Tutorial and Pattern by KayPikeFashion
Corset Flossing Tutorial by UnaleskaZohar
Ref S antique corset pattern by AtelierSylpheCorsets
Ref N CB Spirite Edw corset by AtelierSylpheCorsets
Neck Corsets and Wrist Cuffs
Costume Bracers For Sale by TEMPERATE-SAGE
Neck corset II by Tvirinum
Neck corset (back) by Tvirinum
Neck corset by Tvirinum
Designs, Illustrations, and Patterns
Corset by MaripazVillar
Perfectly cured by MaripazVillar
Goth Victorian style Corset by JessicaLoyolaTR
Sketchy Concept Corset Design WIP commish by carou123

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This is a group for all corset makers to come together and show their work and share tips/tricks with fellow makers! Also a good resource for anyone looking to learn how to make corsets.
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General Information:
:bulletyellow: You can add a deviation whenever you like. There are currently no submission limits. Please make sure you add it to the correct Gallery. Member submissions are moderated for content and organization.
:bulletyellow: Please include construction information in your deviation descriptions. This group encourages the appreciation and development of corset making as a skilled craft. Information provided on your comments will help viewers understand what you did to create your garments.
:bulletyellow: If you have any suggestions on how to improve the group, please feel free to send a note to the group.
:bulletyellow: If you sell your corsets please state so in the description. Just a little note like "My corsets can be purchsed here: Link" at the bottom of the description will be fine.
:bulletyellow:If you wish to discuss corset making, or have a question you would like to ask of the group's members, feel free to submit a group Blog entry. All members of the group are welcome to submit to the Blog.
:bulletyellow:Please feel free to suggest new favorites and gallery items for the group, even if the deviation is not your own.
:bulletyellow:New members will be asked to submit links to two deviations for inclusion in the Featured gallery. Debut features are not required, but they are available to all members regardless of skill level. Please make sure your debut features are your best work to date.

Submission Criteria:
:bulletblue: The submission must be of a corset you created. The one exception is the Fan Gallery, where fans of corsettiers can submit photos of corsets they own, as long as the creator is credited in the comments section of the deviation.
:bulletblue: Please check to make sure you are submitting to the correct group gallery.
:bulletblue: Current members may submit one new featured deviation per year to the Featured gallery. This is intended to help showcase innovations and improvements in member work over time.

:bulletred: The "Corset Fan" Gallery: Any and all members of deviantArt are welcome to submit to this gallery. You do not need to be a member of #CorsetMakers. Included deviations must clearly show a corset, and credit the maker in the comments section. If the maker is not credited, the deviation will be declined.

Contributor Status:
:bulletgreen: Automatic acceptance of submissions (no moderation).
:bulletgreen: Automatic acceptance of blog entries (no moderation).
:bulletgreen: Inclusion of Contributor icons in the "Admin" box on the top of the front page.
:bulletgreen: To become a Contributor, please submit a note to the group. All levels of experience are welcome to be contributors. You just need to have at least four different corsets included in the group's galleries, promise to always submit to the correct gallery, and promise to post only blogs that are in some way related to corset making.


Hello and Welcome
Here you will find a collection of superb makers who create all of their work from scratch!

:bulletyellow: If you are a Corset Maker of any skill level and would like to join, click the little join button at the top of this screen.
:bulletyellow:Please view the Member info further down this page at the bottom of the left-hand column.

Thank you!







Hi All,

I am very sorry for my very extended absence from deviantArt, and the resulting abandonment of this group.  I would like to hand off the reins of Founder so that this group does not die, as I am no longer interested in maintaining it.  It has a lot of potential.  If you are interested in taking over and revitalizing this group, please send me or the group a note.

Thank you!
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